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Brussels, Belgium: WunderZen @ White Hotel

Here few snapshotsof the first well-being electro tea time party, WunderZen @ White Hotel, in Brussels. It was last sunday March the 7th and the next parties are planned for the first sunday of the every month. A really good music in a laid back atmosphere. Click here for more infos about the dream team. See ya there!

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WunderZen au White Hotel, Bruxelles

Voici quelques snapshots de la première tea time party electro bien-être, WunderZen au White Hotel, à Bruxelles. C’était dimanche 7 Mars et ce sera tous les premiers dimanches du mois, toujours au White Hotel. La programmation musicale est franchement top. Cliquez ici pour plus d’infos sur la dream team aux commandes. See ya there!

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WunderZen @ White Hotel: meeting with the organizers

Last sunday, it was the opening of the well-being party WunderZen @ White Hotel, in Brussels, Belgium. In a laid back userfriendly atmosphere with excellent electro mixes, let’s meet the girls behind the lovely concept : Isabeau Paape, Steph aka Wunder S and Maya Cox of the  Moulinex’s DJ’s dynamic duo, with Caroline Cox.

– I am happy, people stayed a long time. We had all we wanted, a family rendez-vous. We combined all our specialities in one afternoon, explains me Isabeau, the founder of  the Tables d’Hôtes du Bien-être. Isabeau makes thaï massage :

– but in the westerner way  (no gym) and the reactions are positive. It gives me energy, it makes me feel as good as the person I treat. Thanks to my massages, I got back enjoying my job of graphic designer. Everything is about the moment, the intention we put in things. I think things don’t happen by chance. Because of the stress in my “image” job (Isabeau used to be a TV commentator at RTL), I was wondering what can I do? As a patiente, I’ve experienced the kinesiology and Erickson hypnoterapy… : a godsend for my fears.


Steph aka Wunder S, DJ and organizer of the Wax club’s parties Wonderbar (next Minimal House RV, Avril 23), cheers with Isabeau and Maya :

– The desire to target a different audiance than nightclubbers. Today I’ve played down tempo.

This Berlin fanatic wants to promote the Belgian artists : 

– I discovered Berlin two and half years ago, and I’ve loved it. The atmosphere of the town is axed on the well-being. More zen : people look like more happier. Since then, I go back there every two months!  95% of the best artists are Berliners, there is a huge musical scene. Now, the ultimate sound :  the electro-country (a mix of Johnny Cash by Apparat).

– Through an atmosphere, we want to get in a state of well-being. A rendez-vous opened to everyone. I am really satisfied, a diversified population, it makes me feel happy. We played a refine electro.

10 p.m., Maya leaves the players. She is super tired. For four years, she’s been a DJ in the great Moulinex’s duet with her cousin, Caroline. And she likes to play at the Belgica :

– We feel like at home. I love the Berliner electronic music. But we won’t be focused on Berlin.

Soon her playlist, plus the one of Steph on Mademoiselle Le K: Blog-Trotter. And congrats girlz! We are dying to dicover the next Wunderzen  tea time party @ White Hotel !

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