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NEW: Flat Sandals

NEW! Flat Sandals


I absolutely LOVE flat sandals and having almost bare feet! Do you remember my fashion post in Algarve?

Now it’s spring again, sun’s back: shop your next sandals of spring/summer 2015! Click on the sandal (below) you like for all the product details.

Do you like these sandals? Do you have amazing ones to recommend us? I’d love to discover and share them with all of you! Do not hesitate to leave a comment or picture in the comments! More selections in the SHOP section. You can also follow my Pinterest or the board: Beach/Summer 2015 (click on the picture below to be redirect)

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Paris: Fantastic Fragrances

Some places thrill, some scents enchant.

In spring 2010, while I was going to Véronique Leroy‘s shop, I found the charming boutique of Francis Kurkdjian, a French famous nose. It was 5 rue d’Alger in Paris. 

I started dicovering the fragrances smelling peer scent’s bubbles. Fun, breaking through the bubbles with the end’s nose for smelling all the scent’s nuances. I really enjoyed and did it again with a kid’s excitement.

The perfumes I prefer : Aqua Universalis, Apom and  Lumière Noire. Capsizing, thrilling… Subtle perfumes print frames in mind. A journey in beauty. Chic detail: fabric conditioner and washing liquid declined in one of the four perfumes references. 

Discover the fragrances:

Click on the perfume you like for all the product informations.


Thailand: Visit of A Silk Workshop

Like in a road movie, today the road seems endless!

I’m really tired and we roll, roll … again and again in the direction of the famous Surat Thani town. And we often stops.

After a long lunch break on a desert beach, where I met a small community of fishermenhere I am in a silk workshop. I really enjoy the visit, I do like natural materials, workshops and crafts!

The first silk workshop I visited, was in Kyoto. There was the old weaver master who makes the kimono and obi silks for the Emperor of Japan. I was impressed cause he is a living legend, but very humble man too. He taught me the first  looms in Japan, came from Lyon (France).

After crossing a shop (last picture), I arrived in a rather large yard, facing a carved bird cage and  fifteen or twenty looms under a courtyard. At first glance, the workshop can seem a bit messy. And most of looms are busy. By women only of every ages.

An all-female world! Mixing the deafening sounds of looms with the ones of the individual radios and fans of the workers. The women are silent and focused in their work. Every move is executed with precision. Sometimes a smile appears. There is a bit of greenery in the back of the court.

Each loom customised by a weaver, expresses her personal world (picture 3). I wish I could stay longer. Spending a day with these women  to better discover their work (picture 1) . How do they weave, what are the floss silk used, the machines and their technique? Who are they?

But once more I’m the last one and I have to hurry to jump in the van. Cause the rain finally falls! Fortunately it won’t last…

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés  

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