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Azores: My Addresses In Ponta Delgada

24 Hours in Ponta Delgada

A Walk in The Historical Center

First day of my trip to the Azores, where I will discover two islands of this beautiful Atlantic Ocean archipelago, São Miguel and Santa Maria. I am super excited, cause I’ve wanted visiting the Azores for a long time!

Départ aux aurores de Bruxelles vers Ponta  Delgada (capitale des Açores sur l’île de São Miguel), via Lisbonne avec la TAP. Nous arrivons en milieu de journée. Le temps est changeant, couvert avec des éclaircies. Mais ça fait partie du charme de l’archipel, les 4 saisons en un jour. 

In the old city, time seems to be stopped, with imposing monuments (Portas da Cidade de Ponta Delgada, 1783) and churches (Igreja Matriz de São Miguel) dating from the sixteenth century. Cobbled streets, green squares, some brightly colored facades (photos below) … 


Where To Sip A Tea From The Azores

Louvre Michaelense

Take time to get lost in the city! Take time to get lost. That’s how I found my address: where to sip a tea from the Azores!  

Louvre Michaelense is both a shop (photo 3 above), a tea room (2) and a delicatessen (1). It offers a selection of rare objects and sought local products, with regressive packaging in an ancient framework. The concept reminded me of A Vida Portuguese (in Lisbon). A friendly trendy spot.

Where To Sleep


La Casa das Palmeiras

I first saw from a distance the roof of the house that contrasted with the local architecture. Built in 1901, La Casa das Palmeiras is more like one of these Art Nouveau villas on the French Riviera. Recently renovated, this small hotel with 10 rooms is a gem. Perfect for an elegant weekend.

Awesome adress, less is more!   


What’s up?

Discovering Street art

What a fantastic surprise! I am a creative (photographer, former art director). So imagine my happiness walking and seeing these amazing Street art works in Ponta Delgada! Oups, I really apology, I lost my notes with the titles of the art works and names of the artists.


Where To Drink & Dinner

The Panoramic Terrace of The Azor Hotel

It is always a great pleasure for me to stay or dinner in a hotel decorated by Nini Andrade Silva! I love her work and personality. She has this ability to dramatize space and create unique universes in which we feel good.

After a long time on the relaxing terrace of the Azor Hotel, we dine at the restaurant A Terra Fornaria. The food (promoting local ingredients) and service are great. Definitely my chic address from Ponta Delgada!


Photos & vidéos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Visit AzoresVisit Portugal, TAPLouvre Michaelense, Street art with Walk & Talk AzoresCasa das Palmeiras – Charming House, Azor Hotel


Many Thanks to Visit Azores, Visit Portugal and TAP for this beautiful invitation. As always these are my opinions.

East Sussex, UK: Hastings House, A Room In A Cosy Refine Bed & Breakfast In Hastings

What a great surprise! Here is a stylish Bed and Breakfast of eight rooms, run by a couple of Australians, much more better than some 4 star hotels!  A personalized outstanding hospitality. Upon check-in, Loy Seng, the owner welcomes you by offering you a drink of what you want. Here the hosts are detail oriented. And the new equipment is very well maintained. On the top floor, I’m discovering my room. The setting worthy of a good design hotel! An iPod station, the original bedside lamp, but mostly the large minimalist bathroom! I love it! Gray tiles, maxi bathtub, design faucets, extra clean toilet, mirror sets, beautiful finishes and bright light (pictures 2 & 3). Less is more! Seng confirms me they have used a decorator. Not to mention the perfect bedding and the excellent breakfast, cooked by Elizabeth, his wife. The Hastings House is a bit eccentric to the tourist area of Hastings : 20 minutes of an invigorating walk along the seafront to get there. The Beb & Breakfast is also 10 minutes from St Leonards: stop at the Post Office Tea Rooms, for an English tea & scones break.


Informations : To go by Ferry FDS Seaways from Dunkerque to Dover, www.norfolkline.comwww.visit1066country.com.  

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