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Czech Republic: Short Road Trip In Bohemia And Prague


Disclosure: this article was first published in late 2019, 
following a trip made a few months earlier. 

Before this trip, for me, the Czech Republic and especially Prague were exclusively linked to Milan Kundera and Kafka, two of my favorite writers. I am happy to have discovered a bit of Bohemia: the extremely green landscapes, forests and castles. And of course Prague, the architecture, rhythm, small and large streets.

Our short road trip begins with the Brussels Airlines flight which lands in Prague at 11 a.m. Then we collect the rental and take the road to Pilsen and its surroundings.

Text and images below of our exciting itinerary.

Day 1: Pilsen And Surroundings

On Our Way To Pivovarsky Dvur Plzen (Near Pilsen)

Where I experience my very first beer spa at the Purkmistr Beer Spa   (photo above 1). In fact, I’m immersed in a warm beer. Nice! We continue to Pilsen, where we join the Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour, in order to discover the huge Pilsner Urquell brewery (photo below 3). The tour is interesting, but a bit long if like me, you don’t drink beer (2).    

On the road again, we cross beautiful super green landscapes and arrive in the early evening at Kašperské Hory (4), a picturesque village. We dine at the restaurant of Nebespan, Boutique Hotel, whose chef is French. I really enjoy the cool setting, atmosphere, food and team. 

Day 2: Kašperské Hory & Sušice

On The Program: Castles And Bikes

We spend the day with our very friendly guide, Veronika who takes us to the emblematic Kašperk castle (photo above 1 and the two first photos of the article) built in the 14th century on the Ždánov mountain. Near the castle, hiking trails in the Bohemian forest allow you to have different panoramas of the castle.

In the afternoon, from Sušice we take a superb (and sporty) 46 km bike ride in the countryside. Thanks to Veronika, we visit small villages and a romantic castle transformed into a luxury hotel, the Zámek Hrádek (photo above), where we stop for a drink.

Day 3: From Dobříš To Prague

Dobříš & Slapy

We leave Kašperské Hory, where we slept the first two nights. After 1 hour 40 minutes, we arrive in Dobříš, to visit the Dobříš chateau dating from the 18th century (1 & 2). We have lunch on the terrace at Zámecká restaurace Dobříš, the castle restaurant. Then back on the road, we head to the Slapy Water Reservoir on the Vltava, in the Prague-West district, a famous resort for Prague people. 

Lively and colorful surroundings: many small sailing boats come and go (3). While the shores are filled with people in bikini sunbathing on grass. Family and summer atmosphere. We do a nice ride on the water which allows us to better enjoy the landscape sourrounded the lake. And then, we are off to Prague. We leave our luggage at Mama Shelter Prague (6). I cool off and we go to the historic center.

I am super excited: Prague! I’ve been wanting to see Prague for so long! In the historic center, there are too many tourists! We step on each other and lots of drunk young tourists (from 7 p.m.). The monuments are superb, but we decide to return to the Mama Shelter’s area with a quiet hype neighborhood. We dine in the very trendy Cobra Bar (4). I liked everything, the cool atmosphere, music, my hamburger with coconut sauce (5) and the proximity to the Mama Shelter: I said, e-ve-r-y-t-h-i-n-g! 

Day 4: Prague

The Last Day Of Our Breakaway

And my real first day in Prague! We walked for a long time in the center much quieter and more pleasant than the day before. Finally, I enjoy the beauty of the city. Long dreamy break in a terrace bar overlooking the Vltava. I would love to explore more and visit the museums, but we must return to the hotel to collect the car and go to the airport, our return flight is at 6 p.m.

Prague, I will come back!

Where To Sleep? The Mama Shelter Prague

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


Czech Tourism 

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Many thanks to Czech Tourism for this beautiful invitation. As always, these are my opinions. 

Azores: My Addresses In Ponta Delgada

24 Hours in Ponta Delgada

A Walk in The Historical Center

First day of my trip to the Azores, where I will discover two islands of this beautiful Atlantic Ocean archipelago, São Miguel and Santa Maria. I am super excited, cause I’ve wanted visiting the Azores for a long time!

Départ aux aurores de Bruxelles vers Ponta  Delgada (capitale des Açores sur l’île de São Miguel), via Lisbonne avec la TAP. Nous arrivons en milieu de journée. Le temps est changeant, couvert avec des éclaircies. Mais ça fait partie du charme de l’archipel, les 4 saisons en un jour. 

In the old city, time seems to be stopped, with imposing monuments (Portas da Cidade de Ponta Delgada, 1783) and churches (Igreja Matriz de São Miguel) dating from the sixteenth century. Cobbled streets, green squares, some brightly colored facades (photos below) … 


Where To Sip A Tea From The Azores

Louvre Michaelense

Take time to get lost in the city! Take time to get lost. That’s how I found my address: where to sip a tea from the Azores!  

Louvre Michaelense is both a shop (photo 3 above), a tea room (2) and a delicatessen (1). It offers a selection of rare objects and sought local products, with regressive packaging in an ancient framework. The concept reminded me of A Vida Portuguese (in Lisbon). A friendly trendy spot.

Where To Sleep


La Casa das Palmeiras

I first saw from a distance the roof of the house that contrasted with the local architecture. Built in 1901, La Casa das Palmeiras is more like one of these Art Nouveau villas on the French Riviera. Recently renovated, this small hotel with 10 rooms is a gem. Perfect for an elegant weekend.

Awesome adress, less is more!   


What’s up?

Discovering Street art

What a fantastic surprise! I am a creative (photographer, former art director). So imagine my happiness walking and seeing these amazing Street art works in Ponta Delgada! Oups, I really apology, I lost my notes with the titles of the art works and names of the artists.


Where To Drink & Dinner

The Panoramic Terrace of The Azor Hotel

It is always a great pleasure for me to stay or dinner in a hotel decorated by Nini Andrade Silva! I love her work and personality. She has this ability to dramatize space and create unique universes in which we feel good.

After a long time on the relaxing terrace of the Azor Hotel, we dine at the restaurant A Terra Fornaria. The food (promoting local ingredients) and service are great. Definitely my chic address from Ponta Delgada!


Photos & vidéos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Visit AzoresVisit Portugal, TAPLouvre Michaelense, Street art with Walk & Talk AzoresCasa das Palmeiras – Charming House, Azor Hotel


Many Thanks to Visit Azores, Visit Portugal and TAP for this beautiful invitation. As always these are my opinions.

Seychelles, La Digue: Nature & Friendliness

Welcome To La Digue

After A Long Rain

Epic arrival at La Passe harbour, by ferry from Praslin at midday, under a heavy rain. So I canceled the rental of the bike. And I wait patiently in the veranda of my bungalow that the rain stops.

On the island, you can’t rent a car. A very good point considering its area (9.81 km2)! One moves by bike, buggy or taxi (bugy or car). It gives a charm to this small island of the Indian Ocean!

Around 3 p.m. the rain stops. If the weather allows, I will visit the island before dusk, in bugy (no time to bike). First stop: Grande Anse, awesome fine white sand beach, with turquoise emerald water and granite rocks, a marvel! But dangerous for swim (photos and videos above and below). 



I Continue My Island Tour

Clear Water Everywhere

Even when the weather changes from rainny to sunny (on the photomontage below). After visiting a succession of lovely coves (which I will not enumerate!), we stop at Chez Jules, the small Creole bar-restaurant of Anse Banane, ideally located facing the sea. Where I taste a Creole nougat with banana and coconut: very perfumed but too sweet for me.

Then back to my bungalow with a kitsch interior design (I like it), but super clean and very well equipped (photo 2 on the photomontage below). In fact, I should had to sleep at La Diguoise, but there was confusion in the dates.

The Gourmet Address

La Diguoise

I’m lucky enough to have dinner and have breakfast at La Diguoise, a refined small guest house (photo 3 above). Very warm welcome in a lovely Creole house with a beautiful garden where it is good to farniente! One of those confidential addresses you share with friends. 

Elodie is a very caring owner and a fabulous chef (video below). On the photo montage above, the succulent dinner: photo 1, homemade chips with pieces of coconut. And photo 2, a Creole dishes assortment with salads, fish and salt donuts. A delight! Photo 4, the breakfast served like a painting … in a really relaxing setting (photos below).

I really enjoy the slow rythm of La Digue island. I will go back.



The next day, Departure For Mahe via Praslin

Photos & vidéos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Seychelles Tourism Board, La DiguoiseAir Seychelles.


Many thanks the Seychelles Tourism Board and Air Seychelles for this fantastic experience. Also many thanks to Elodie and her smiling team for the very warm welcome. As always, these are my opinions.