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Zara MacFarlane: The Awsome Jazzy Discovery

If you’re looking for a special gift for Chrismas : think of the Zara MacFarlane’s album.  One month ago, a friend invited me to an edgy live in a former nursery. Zara MacFarlane, a young jazz singer from London and her musicians played before the Owiny Sigoma Band (a coming up post). I discovered the album “Until Tomorrow“, the clear beautiful voice of Zara, her great presence on stage (one of my favourite songs is Captured). I do really like. Here two or three things I know about Zara (she told me). Zara writes her music and lyrics : “about my own experience“. Zara listens “lots of American jazz“, her influences : “Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Michael Jackson“. Zara describes her voice as “quite mellow” and her music as “laid  back, mystic and mysterious“. And when I asked Zara about fashion, she laughed : “Oh I’m terrible with fashion“. Awsome, because overlooked singers, often… yeah you know what I mean!  Many thanks to Zara and Peter!

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