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Seychelles: 7 Things To Do In Mahé

1. To Go Around The Most Beautiful Bays

Road Trip

Travel at your own pace! The island tour of Mahé is on average 2h30. It took me the double and I don’t think I saw it all. Depends on your curiosity. You can rent a car, or a taxi.

It is an excellent way to discover the littoral with beautiful bays like Anse Louis, Anse Boileau, Anse Lazare, Anse Takamaka (…), as well as the interior of the island and the mountains. I prefered the beaches of the south of the island (wilder and quieter) than the more lively northern ones.

2. To Discover The Mountains of The Island

Tea Plantations And Hiking Trails

As always during the hottest hours, I seek the freshness. So we go up to Mission Lodge that offers one of the most beautiful views of the island. The road crosses big plantations of teas, forests with gigantic trees and marked hiking trails!

I regret not having brought my hiking shoes and planning a hike. It will be for a future trip! Frankly for many of us, you don’t think of hiking in the Seychelles! And I was wrong! 


3. Venn’s Town, Mission Lodge

A Bit of History

After the abolition of slavery in 1835, Mission Lodge, formerly Venn’s Town, became a missionary school for freed African slaves (for more details see photo 3 below).

Today, Mission Lodge is part of the largest national park in the Seychelles: the Morne Seychellois National Parc which represents more than 20% of the area of Mahe. 


Photomontage below: some of the different tree species (endemic or introduced) that can be seen at the Morne Seychellois National Park

4. Lunch at The Eden Island Marina

Yatchs, Sailboats … And Chili

This pleasant marina can accommodate yachts of more than a hundred meters! Stunning! If you need at midday to enjoy a beautiful view without suffering from the heat, I recommend a long lunch break in one of the restaurants in the Eden Island Marina. Chic relaxed atmosphere (photos 2 and 3 of the photomontage below).

Above: Photo 1. I learn how to eat a creole dish very very spicy. The fish is covered with a sauce with pieces of chilli (type pili pili). Tips of the waitress: to mix a small piece of the ultra-spicy fish with a little rice and tomato sauce. Eat very slowly and stop to chat with friends, then eat very slowly again! 4, the fruit of the children: I discovered the Santol with a bitter and sweet taste. Very good.


5. To Visit Victoria

The Smallest Captital City in The World 

I went to Victoria quickly and enjoyed the little market in Market St. (pictured above). There is a little bit of everything: food but also (for exemples), beautiful bouquets of exotic flowers, a myriad of natural coconut oils and tea produced in the Seychelles

Pictures below: 1 and 2, fresh fish market located opposite the hindu temple, Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar, 3, La Domus, and 4. the Victoria Clocktower.


6. To Decipher The Word “Takamaka”

A Bay or Rum?

Lol! I help you: it is a very nice bay, the Anse Takamaka (have a look to the two penultimate pictures of the first paragraph). And it’s also the name of the famous rum Takamaka produced at La Plaine St André (photos 2, 3 & 4 of the estate and distillery). I tasted a tear of the Takamaka Coconut Rum, because the other rums were far too strong for me!

On the road, I stopped at the University of Seychelles (photo 1 above). Yes, knowledge in Paradise.

7. Sunset in Beau Vallon

The Post Card

What could be more exciting than this beautiful sunset on the lively Beau Vallon beach (in the North of the island)? We had delicious giant mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) at the Coral Asia (the best sushi restaurant in Mahé according to a local friend). You can also eat grilled fresh fish on the promenade that runs along the beach.

Bye bye gorgeous Seychelles, I will go back!

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Seychelles Tourism BoardAir Seychelles

Where to sleep : ,  & 


Many thanks to the Seychelles Tourism Board and Air Seychelles for this fantastic discovery of the Seychelles islands.

Sintra, Portugal: Tivoli Palacio De Seteais, The Enchanting Gardens

May and its long week-ends in Europe… Here a fantastic adress, one of this places incredibly good for your soul. I love Sintra, its climate in summer, its heights, its beautiful gardens and the view to the ocean. Where time has stopped. Away from the bustle, the Tivoli Palacio De Seteais is a 18th century palace beautifully restored into an elegant hotel, where every detail is simply perfect, without any ostentation. European refinement. For the pictures of the room, click here. My main activity: dreaming in its beautiful gardens and its long corridors, worthy of Resnais movie (I know I’m repeating myself, but the compliment is huge): “L’Année dernière à Marienbad“.

Tivoli Palacio De Seteais

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Park Hyatt Tokyo: A room with a view

A room with a view 

As soon as I went in the room at the Park Hyat Tokyo, I was attracted to the infinite view of Tokyo. Shinjuku sprawling area and further. In weightless conditions from the 43th floor. I turn and discover a welcoming  large room.

Discret sober decoration, creating a cosy feeling, like in a cocoon. You fall in sleep and wake up happy! With a fantastic bedding AND a dream view, in a light space. Awsome!

The bathroom is my very favorite place, 

with separete bath, shower and toilet. The great surprise: Aesop products for skin, hair and body! I’m really found of this Autralian cosmetics brand.

Every single detail was thought with care and taste: like the invisible dressing from the bed area and the Japanese sweets and chocolates with refined wrapping.


www.tokyo.park.hyatt.com & www.exclusifvoyages.com    

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I was a guest of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, many thanks to the team. And all my opinions are mine.