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London Shopping, Art and Bar

Here is my ultimate London shopping, art and bar review: check my spring summer issue! For new comers: my city walks are one of the hallmarks of my blog (you can find all the city walks, full of exclusive address and tips in DESTINATIONS). I walk for hours and hours to capture, watch and take the pulse of the city. This time, I start to Piccadilly Circus, where was my hotel. Not really my usual London, I’m definitely more Portobello and East End than Soho or Covent Garden. Pictures 2 & 7: incredible, after so many trips to London, I’d never been to the National Gallery! I’m a big fan of the Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert Museum (coming up post and if you like contemporary art, check my interview with Gilbert & George). In the picture 2, this piece of art (in gold or it looks like gold) of Elmgreen & Dragset  is placed in front of the  National Gallery. Honestly I don’t like it and I don’t dislike it, let’s say it intrigues me a bit. Picture 3: don’t miss the Radio Rooftop Bar, located on the top floor of the ME London (a newly opened hotel). For a drink or dinner with a panoramic view of the city … hoping you have a better weather than me (LOL!). Picture 4: totally by chance, on the side of Mayfair, I found in the lobby of a company’s building, my favorite work of the Portuguese artist, Joana Vasconcelos! I had the great opportunity to visit her workshop few years ago and see one of her famous giant sandals under construction! Small world! Picture 6: the most iconic London department store, Liberty! Beautiful wooden interiors,  in addition to excellent fashion selection and home selection, the place has  lots of character. A must do, I had the chance to photograph a famous London based blogger there. Pictures 8, 9, 4 & 1: Anglomania! In Soho, a poster of  the theater that displays a show about the Queen. Picture 9: I’ve always been impressed with all the mix of colors, patterns and materials of the English. Unique! Beautiful or not beautiful, that is not the question! Picture 1: beautiful Burberry‘s window in Regent Street. Where you must stop by the huge store of Anthropologie, if you want to shop for your home. Very nice design both contemporary seriously boho, a little regressive (LOL) and very colorful (plates, bowls, candles, furnitures …). In the store, I also like the great wall covered with plants. Picture 10: This small pedestrian street is full of shops and  leads to a nice place a little apart, with some (crowd out) terraces, St Christopher Place. Enjoy!

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 

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London: For a Bento In Chinatown, Stop By Misato Restaurant

Photo : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés.  

If you have a quick stay in London and look for a bento in Chinatown, stop by Misato restaurant! During my last express back and forth to London, after a frustrating exhausting day (my schedule completely messed up), I enjoyed a maxi cocktail manicure (top!). Then full of energy I went to dinner in Chinatown with a friend from Malaga, now londoner for almost 5 years (which has a blog too). The meeting was at Misato, a Japanese small canteen that’s existed for over 10 years and I’ve never heard of. Perfect cause I have a huge need for NEW! The place is quiet, absolutely not decorated which is good, I’m a bit sick of the design wave everywhere…! I need to relaxe. I really enjoy this kind of laid back places really simple that only a few locals (far far away from the fashion circus, lol!) attend. It’s also cheap : less than 10 euros for the bento on the picture above. I think Misato is the third Japanese restaurant in Chinatown I test after Wagamama and Osatsuma. Usually when I want to eat Japanese at affordable prices in London, I go directly to Wagamama (as a habit, not very original after so many years, it is a chain of restaurants, as Otsasuma). Well let’s say Misato is a nice discovery: the bento I chose consists of salmon sashimi, few maki, shrimp, (fresh) salad and rice. The food is basic but tasty with hearty portions and friendly atmosphere. It feels good. I defenitely recommend it for a cool break with good friends. Warning, the restaurant closes quite early for me: around 11 p.m.  

Misato: 11 Wardour Street, Soho, W1D 6 UK. Tel: +44 (020) 7734 0808.

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Sofitel Saint James: A Room With A Breakfast @ The Balcon

Just arrived in London St. Pancras station 

and 4 tube stops later, I’m on Piccadilly Circus, 2 minutes walk from the Sofitel Saint James located away from the crowd, in a little place that I didn’t know. The hotel is housed in an heritage building: a former imposing bank with incredibly high ceilings!

After a warm welcome at reception desk by a French-English bilingual staff, I discover my room: simple, elegant and spacious, in a range of black, white and brown. The decor is stylish with black and white photographies on the wall. Lovely bathroom with the old faucet and tiled black and white checkered. 

What a pity amenities are limited to one soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner … all Hermès okay! But for short stays, to lighten my bag I bring the bare minimum like a mini make-up and cleanser, because I usually find everything else in the room. Damned, this time I didn’t take my toothbrush, toothpaste nor body cream (LOL!): thankfully Boots is in Piccadilly Circus!

Otherwise leaving my room with its so cozy vibe and “you’re in London Baby!” exotic view (picture 3) and comfortable king size bed, is a huge challenge my dear (lol)! Photo 4: a regressive wallpaper in the entrance to the room (picture 4).

And for lasting this cozy atmosphere, a breakfast full of vitamins at the beautiful Balcon, the relaxed chic brasserie of the hotel (pictures 6 & 7). Too hard to leave it to go to my meetings! Picture 5: amazing chandelier ceiling of a hotel suite.

MlleLeK Sofitel Saint James 2

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés.    


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I was invited by the Sofitel Saint James London. Many thanks to the Sofitel Saint James London and these are my opinions.