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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: The Interview

– I’ve worked for 40 years,  I have a glossary.

His show for Women Collection Spring-Summer 2009 is a wow Paris event with great times : the Barak Obama’s dress greeted with wild applause and the Ska Electro concert of the unbelievable Man Like Me and the long-haired Addams Family bride. Here in the backstage effervescence, my exclusive JCDC’s glossary by JCDC himself. Not easy to follow his prolix speed flow.

First fashion show: “At seventeen years old and I’ve already been in a “situationniste” dimension”.

Loyalty: “I’ve never left my primary colors. My work evolution: the presence of black”. 

Fashion: “A connection between people. Tool of hope and democracy”.

JCDC: « A psychédélique elegance. Today to survive, we need humor. A reference : Pee Wee Herman. Finding a sense. Today, there is a real political sense”.

Barak Obama: “ The engagement for a kind of hope”.

News: “The oppressing vertigo of traumatic TV frames”.

Urge: “Of hope and joie de vivre (joy)”.

Dreaming: “The show set, the clouds came from the subconscious. This fashion show is like an installation including set and music and clothes, where the dream is always present”.

Music: “It’s deep-rooted. And I write songs, I don’t make any difference between fashion and music, it’s inseparable. I can’t separate the band from the set from the fashion show. I wrote seven songs of the next Mareva Galenter album”.

Man Like Me : “I’ve loved this Ska Electro discovered on MySpace”.

Mickey: “Thanks to Mickey Mouse, I’ve met Kayne West, Jay Z, LL Cool J and many other famous Rap stars found of my clothes with Mickey’s prints. They were the first to name me JCDC too”.

Next: “I really like this gifted coming-up generation”.

And he concludes: “I’m lucky”.

Thanks a lot Mr. JCDC! 


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