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Brussels, Belgium: Jean-Paul Knott’s Party, The Fashion Show

Following my first post about the exhibition of the Jean Paul Knott‘s party in his Brussels studio and showroom : here the fashion show. Model’s ecstatic back and forth on the music of VS electro rock. Enjoy few pieces of the women’s collection fall-winter 2010/2011! Furs coming back, with asymmetries, refined lines, high quality fabrics and sense of details. To be continued… next: discover the VS band in live.

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Brussels, Belgium: The Jean-Paul Knott’s Party, The Exhibition

Saterday February the 6th : the Belgium 2010 first big fashion event, the party for the Jean Paul Knott‘s eponymous brand ten years old. In front of the Brussels headquarters (near the hype rue Dansaert) of the Cerruti‘s former art director, the mix of bourgeois furs coats of mature clients, with high eels fashionistas and trendy young fox in Converse, quitely waits at the entrance. I get in. Inside it’s more crowded, I look after a press officer. And go to the red lightened scales : first floor, different rooms like conceptual small spaces. A bit arty and trendy. A glance to the videos and model behind a glass door in an empty room, minimalist atmosphere. “The less is more” vibe, alreaday noticed in the Paris shows of Jean-Paul Knott for Cerruti. A smart drink of red fruits, time to get down to the big hall attending to the happening-fashion show and the live band. To be continued in the coming up post…

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Brussels, Belgium: Jean-Paul Knott’s Party, The Fashion Show  

Meeting with the fashion designer Jean-Paul Knott in his studio, in Brussels