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Our Second Roadtrip in Andalusia, Spain: Marbella


A late afternoon in Marbella


Olá Marbella!

After a first roadtrip in Andalusia few weeks ago, here we are again! The itinerary between sea and mountain is differen. We arrive at 4 p.m. from Mijas, a very pretty (and very touristy) village in the mountains. Olá Marbella! First surprise: the city is much bigger than I thought.

We park on the beach side of Marbella, at Playa del Faro, where we start our discovery of the city. The long walk stretches along a huge beach (first photo of the article). Many 70s-80s buildings, some cafes and restaurants. The whole remains really pleasant despite a lack of architectural harmony. 

As night quickly falls, we prefer heading towards the very charming old town with its small streets and squares, mandarin trees and old stones. Second surprise, everywhere people are friendly. I like to walk without a goal. At a random street, we have a drink in a lovely small hotel.


A Short Stop in Puerto Banús

Before Marbella city,

we made a stop in Puerto Banús, the marina of Marbella. To be honest, I was not impressed. The buildings housing luxury shops and restaurants are outdated and deserve a facelift.

Of course, there are yachts … But I saw some more impressive ones in the beautiful small port of Bonifaccio (Corsica). My advice, go directly to Marbella, much more nicer! 


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


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Notre Second Roadtrip en Andalousie: Marbella


Une fin de journée à Marbella


Olá Marbella!

Après un premier roadtrip en Andalousie il y a quelques semaine à peine, nous avons réitérer! Le parcours est différent : entre mer et montagne. Nous arrivons de Mijas vers 16h, un très joli (et très touristique) village dans les montagnes. Olá Marbella! Ô première surprise : la ville est beaucoup plus grande que ce que j’imaginais.

Nous nous garons du côté de la Playa del Faro, où nous commençons notre découverte de Marbella. La longue promenade s’étend le long d’une immense plage (première photo de l’article). Beaucoup d’immeubles (très années 70 et 80), quelques cafés, des restaurants. L’ensemble reste agréable en dépit d’un manque d’harmonie architecturale.

Comme la nuit tombe vite, nous préférons nous diriger vers la vieille ville, très charmante avec ses petites rues, enclaves et places, ses mandariniers et vielles pierres. Seconde surprise, partout les gens sont cordiaux. J’aime marcher sans but précis. Au hasard d’une rue, nous prenons un verre dans un petit hôtel d’inspiration Belle époque. 


Un court saut à Puerto Banús

Juste avant Marbella (ville),

nous avons fait un court arrêt à Puerto Banús, le port de plaisance de Marbella. Autant être honnête, je n’ai pas été bluffée.Certains immeubles abritant des boutiques de luxe et restaurants sont vétustes et mériteraient un ravalement.

Certes il a des yachts, oui… Mais j’en ai vu de plus impressionnants dans le petit et pittoresque port de Bonifaccio (Corse). Mon conseil, allez directement à Marbella, beaucoup plus chouette!


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


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Japan, 48 Hours in Kyoto: Fushimi Inari-taisha


Direction Fushimi


The Famous Shinto Sanctuary

For our first morning, we wake up at dawn. From Kyoto station, we take a local train to the south of Kyoto, Fushimi. This is my third visit to Kyoto and surprisingly, my first visit to the famous Shinto shrine Fushimi Inari-taisha dedicated to Inari Okami, the deity of rice crops, abundance and joy.

We arrive before 8 am, but the site is already full of many visitors: tourists and schoolchildren. Without thinking too much, we head to the hypnotic red and black Torii, the giant doors of Shinto shrines. The engraved inscriptions on Torii represent the names of the donors and the dates.

On a slope of the Inari mountain, segments of aligned Torii climb to the summit (233 meters), to go down by another side (see the map of the sanctuary on the last photo below). Naively, we thought the climb would be fast. In fact, it really climbs. There are several levels and some offer a panoramic view of Kyoto (photo below). 

As we get closer to the summit, there are fewer and fewer people. Till finally feeling a contemplative calm among these Torii surrounded by nature. I am cradled by an orange light on an intense green background. Yes I’m back to Japan! Kind of weird, the way back from the top to the bottom of the mountain seemed longer. Plan for the whole visit, an entire morning if you do not like to hurry (and have time to take your pictures alone).


Shop the style


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


Fushimi Inari-taisha, JNTO

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