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To Rome With Love, the last movie of Woody Allen @ Brussels Film Festival

Tonight, it’s the Brussels Film Festival opening, but since this morning the press has watched a preview of films to be shown in the following days. At 12.30 p.m. I discovered the last Woody Allen. The Manatthan director continues piano piano his European tour with Roma, the eternal city: To Rome With Love. A bunch of famous actors, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni. No real surprise, a quite predictable nice movie, sometimes overplayed. Far from the brilliant Match Point and the vulcanic Vicky Cristina Barcelona. But I really enjoyed the opera singer in the shower (which comes as a gimmick, I promise I will not say more …), plus few lines of dialogue played by Woody Allen. Well let’s say if you just want to relaxe and make a Roman pause or ballad (full of clichés), without expecting to a great Woody Allen: you will enjoy this movie.

BRUSSELS FILM FESTIVAL: 8 – 16 June 2012, Flagey & Bozar Info : +32 2 762 08 98 – www.brusselsfilmfestival.be  

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To Rome With Love, le dernier Woody Allen au Brussels Film Festival

Le grand coup d’envoi du Brussels Film Festival est ce soir, mais dès ce matin la presse a visionné avant-première certains des films qui seront montrés au public les jours suivants. Donc dès 12h30, j’ai pu découvrir le dernier Woody Allen qui poursuit piano piano sa tournée européenne, par la ville éternelle, Roma : To Rome With Love. Une brochette d’acteurs connus, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page, Penélope Cruz, Roberto Benigni  et d’autres plus confidentiels. Pas de réelle surprise, un film agréable, assez prévisible, parfois surjoué. A des mille et des cents de l’excellent Match Point et du volcanique Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Mais j’ai beaucoup aimé le chanteur d’opéra sous la douche (qui revient comme un gimmick, promis je n’en dirai pas plus…), plus deux-trois bonnes réparties servies par Woody Allen. Bref si vous voulez juste vous aérer le mental, faire une pause ou ballade romaine (pleine de clichés), sans attendre du grand Woody Allen : ce dernier opus vous plaira.

BRUSSELS FILM FESTIVAL: du 8 au 16 juin 2012, Flagey & Bozar Info : +32 2 762 08 98 – www.brusselsfilmfestival.be  

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Bruxelles: Concert Ryuichi Sakamoto Trio à Bozar, juste ENORME! 



Casba, Tokyo nights: meeting Reiko and MAX

Karaoke Exit

Christophe, Franck and I are moving to Casba. Finding the entrance is a big challenge! Wow midnight, nobody yet: too early! Reiko, the boss, is calling, she’s in a cab, on her way:

– I am Tokyo.

Really confidential small bar, where instantly you feel good and beatiful! Only “regular” (from all over the world) know it. And tonight my new tomodachi (friends) are Nana (picture above) and Reina, two membres of the famous Jpop girls band, MAX:

 – We are the Japanese Spice Girls.

Reiko Agrees And Shows Me

her Hello Kitty and Keith Harring tatoos and talks about her last trip in Hawaii, her strict education and advertising studies. A creative who loves movies and nights:

– My life is nightlife. Since I was 18 years old, I’ve organised parties.

She explains after his first Dior collection, Hedi Slimane visit her. Balenciaga team booked the bar for a night, Sofia and Roman C. (Yes « lost in Translation » family)… Well almost “all” Paris, NY and LA come here. Reiko is a charming free character like her “baby” Casba, between Gloria (Cassavetes) and Warhol posters, fashion books, eclectic cds and pieces of chats interrupted by many laughs: campaï! Of course, at night everything is more beautiful!

Reina and Nana 

Reiko, Nana, Reina, Christophe and Franck: domo arigato gosaimasu to you guys!

Casba: Wakamatsu Building B1F 2-14-15, Tokyo, 150-0001, Higashi Shibuya-ku

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