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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: Spring-Summer 2009

A really fun enjoyable show: smiling models with red kisses on skin, in ab fab rock’n’rolla tiara dresses. Or politicized dresses, like the symbolic Barak Obam dress greeted with wild applause. And course the excellent performance of this Brit underground Ska Electro band, Man Like Me ! Communicative dancing feeling in the audience. And even after the amazing bride (the final note of glam humor): the concert’s still lasted! Congrat. dear Mr. JCDC, you rock ! Definitely !


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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac: The Interview

– I’ve worked for 40 years,  I have a glossary.

His show for Women Collection Spring-Summer 2009 is a wow Paris event with great times : the Barak Obama’s dress greeted with wild applause and the Ska Electro concert of the unbelievable Man Like Me and the long-haired Addams Family bride. Here in the backstage effervescence, my exclusive JCDC’s glossary by JCDC himself. Not easy to follow his prolix speed flow.

First fashion show: “At seventeen years old and I’ve already been in a “situationniste” dimension”.

Loyalty: “I’ve never left my primary colors. My work evolution: the presence of black”. 

Fashion: “A connection between people. Tool of hope and democracy”.

JCDC: « A psychédélique elegance. Today to survive, we need humor. A reference : Pee Wee Herman. Finding a sense. Today, there is a real political sense”.

Barak Obama: “ The engagement for a kind of hope”.

News: “The oppressing vertigo of traumatic TV frames”.

Urge: “Of hope and joie de vivre (joy)”.

Dreaming: “The show set, the clouds came from the subconscious. This fashion show is like an installation including set and music and clothes, where the dream is always present”.

Music: “It’s deep-rooted. And I write songs, I don’t make any difference between fashion and music, it’s inseparable. I can’t separate the band from the set from the fashion show. I wrote seven songs of the next Mareva Galenter album”.

Man Like Me : “I’ve loved this Ska Electro discovered on MySpace”.

Mickey: “Thanks to Mickey Mouse, I’ve met Kayne West, Jay Z, LL Cool J and many other famous Rap stars found of my clothes with Mickey’s prints. They were the first to name me JCDC too”.

Next: “I really like this gifted coming-up generation”.

And he concludes: “I’m lucky”.

Thanks a lot Mr. JCDC! 


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