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Brussels: Tasting of the Avondale’s Wines from South Africa @ La Quincaillerie

Funny to taste wines for someone who doesn’t drink! Naturally curious, especially since my photo shoots in the Douro and Bordeaux, I enjoy discovering through the wine: travel, know-how, culture and landscapes. Invited by Chacalli Wines, I discovered the South African wine, Avondale (pictured above) at La quincaillerie (a great restaurant with the Japanese Chief Minoru, sugoi ne!).

Jonathan Grieve, passionate  proprietor of Avondale wine estate, near Cape Town, keen on ecology and biodynamic farming, presented several of his wines. Instead using chemical pesticides, he prefers a squad of Pekin ducks. Large white ducks that look like geese. A regard to the environment that reminded me the South African holistic environmentally-friendly cosmetics brand,  Africology. Before this tasting, I didn’t know the principles of biodynamic and felt a bit lost at the benning of Jonathan’s presentation. In each wines presentation form, there is an introduction that refers to biodynamic, with “cosmic influences” and “astronomical on soil …” (like for La Luna 2006 wine). Really interesting and innovative and clever marketing, like the contemporary sorber labels on the bottles, positioning these wines in a mid to high range. They are rooted in their time. About grapes, for La luna 2006, I was nicely surprised by the presence of Petit Verdot (referring to my SF experience in a blend workshop in Bordeaux, lol).

So what about the wine tasting Miss never-without-my-spittoon? Far from being an expert, I really liked Anima, a white wine made ​​with an organic Chenin Blanc : very fruity aromas (including pineapple!) and light acidity. Cyclus 2009 is more aggressive, more acidic and less elegant than Anima. La Luna 2006, is a blend of grapes I know: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot. This is the subtlest and most sophisticated between the different nuances of aromas. The most classic too, quoted by Jonathan as a “vintage”. And finally Samsara, a strong character wine: spicy (white pepper, clove, cinnamon), fruity (mulberry), tannic. Conclusion: now I really have to discover this land of wine close to Table Mountain… Is the globetrotter awake, Mademoiselle Le K?


Photos 2 & 3 : La Quincaillerie (source photos: www.quincaillerie.be – Lay out: Mademoiselle Le K). Photo 1 : Avondale’s wines (source photos: www.avondalewine.co.za – Lay out: Mademoiselle Le K).  

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Africology: Natural Slimming Oils & Creams

Last December,  I found online an interview of ELLE South-Africa‘s chief editor,

(very interesting website, read the excellent ELLE Deco South Africa too!) : Jackie Burger showed her beauty “routine”, including a product of Africology. Never heard about this South Africa cosmetics luxury brand, ethic and environment-friendly.

Renchia Droganis, holistic therapist and Africology founder, created biodegradable natural products with South African essential oils and plants. After a local success story, Africology is now famous in England. I’m more and more puzzled and I want to test those products. I like discovering luxury cosmetics brands from all over the world (like Panpuri in Thailand).

For one month and half, I’ve tested the slimming products of Africology. Fortunately, my skin didn’t react to the essential oils! I do like the 4 products of the picture above! The textures are nourishing, not greasy with a matte finish : great in damp climatic zones. Cellulite Detox (2) is one of my two favourite products: you need to massage this oil into the skin. Nice texture (marula oils rooibos and hypoxis) and the parfum is really strong.

Same for the scent of the 3 other products : strong citronella scent (I’m addictive). I melt this oil  with Slimming Detox Cream, a super moisterising that nourishes my very dry skin. I also melt the Slimming Detox Cream with the Conditionning Body Oil (4). This oil with a matte finish makes my skin extremely soft and my feet like baby ones!!! Twice a week, I use the Body Scrub : the colour and texture of the scrub look like grains of sand that gently wipe the skin.

Did I loose any centimenters using this regiment? No, I didn’t do any diet during my testing, so honestly I couldn’t tell if they have a real slimming effect or not. But my skin looks better, suppler, softer and toner.  Definitely they tone (thanks to the daily massage movements to apply them) and highly moisturize skin. I really enjoy smelling, touching and applying them. And now, I look forward to discover the 64 other products of Afrocology! Maybe in South Africa…


www.africology-fr.com (for France & Belgium) & www.africology-sa.com 

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