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Customisez-Moi: “And The Winner is…”

I was invited as a jury member @ the sixth edition of Customisez-moi

The fashion event created and hosted by Bernard Gavilan, for the TAO prize of 2000 Euros which recognizes a young designer.

And the winner is: Samantha Van Den Driessche (picture 1) who also won all other awards of the evening, excepted the Little Black Dress Guerlain prize  (picture 2) given to Alizée Hilt.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants: Samantha Van Den Driessche and Alizée Hilt, Amarande Angeley, Isabelle Giroux, Julie Maridor Kim Wille, Louis de Mey and Ophee Weynants.

Picture 3: Louis de Mey and last picture: I found beautiful the grooming of the young models (from Dominique agency), congratulations to makeup artists and hairdressers!

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012, tous droits réservés.

Many thanks to Bernad Gavilan for this new experience!

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My First Time As a Jury Memember @ The 6th Edition of Customisez-Moi in Brussels, Belgium

Yesterday evening, I attended the 6th edition of Customisez-moi as jury member

for the  TAO price I gave with Nathalie of The Merry Makers to the winner … You’ll know who in my next post ; )

As usual, I arrived late at the hotel Bloom (Brussels) in a panic mode (no time for makeup LOL!). I discretly reached the other jurors drinking champagne, before discovering the creations of the eight young designers selected: Alizée Hilt, Amarande Angeley, Isabelle Giroux, Julie Maridor Kim Wille, Louis de Mey, Ophee Weynants and Samantha Van Den Driessche

I didn’t have time to make snapshots,

here are few members of jury (complicated to be in the action and take photos at the same time!): Photo 1, Didier Vervaeren of Modo, photo 2, Bernard Gavilan nicely shouting at a TV crew (LOL!), photo 3, Nica Broucke chatting with Bruno van Gils, co-founder of Cafe Costume and photo 4, Aude Gribaumont, co-founder of Hunting and Collecting.

In the coming post : the creations, final and winners…

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012

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East Sussex, UK: Myerscough & Mairs, The Sophisticated Vintage Shop in Hastings

In Hastings, I selected two shops and one tea room I really liked. The first is: Myerscough & Mairs, a tiny shop  that mixes ancient and modern. A lovely selection of eclectic pieces (like violins) presented in a simple and refined way . The Boho chic with an orientalism touch, made me travel in time. Congratuls to the owners for their impeccable taste! The real pleasant surprise in a small city with too much vintage stores (I was about to make an overdose, I am not a big a vintage fan!).

Myerscough & Mairs : Antique + Modern, 52 High Street, Hastings tn43 3en, Phone: 01424 438695. 

Informations : to go to Hastings by Ferry FDS Seaways de Dunkerque à Douvres, www.norfolkline.com, www.visit1066country.com.   

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