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Guimarães Home Fashion Week

A Portuguese Textile Fair

I was invited at the Guimarães Home Fashion Week 2017 last summer. A great opportunity for me to discover some Portuguese textile manufacturers and brands. You know my great interest for textiles, interior design and architecture. 

The trade show was held in the beautiful Pousada Mosteiro de Guimaraes. This heritage monument gave something particular to the event. The brands presented their collection in bedrooms, or in spaces decorated with Ajuleros (stunning ancient tiles).

Check out the pictures of my selection of trends and products I liked. Photomontage above: here are my favorite, the Colma Co smart textiles with ethnic inspiration. Photomontage below: 1, a set of shits and towels with a very fresh palm design by Renaitex. 2, cushions in satin fabrics by Cristina Teixeira.

Faded grey bathrobes (above) and towel set and beautiful colorful bath towels (pictures below) by Domingos de Sousa.

Photomontage above : 1, very nice colorful cushion with owl by JPS Home & Textil. 2 and 3, two beautiful fountains of the Pousada Mosteiro de Guimaraes. 4, In each bedroom, a brand exhibited its latest collection.

The MoreTextile group has the most beautiful exhibition space (photos above and below) with greenery, columns, fountain and azulejos! Amazing!


Exciting Visit of The Mundotextil Factory

Discovery of a Modern Production

I really enjoyed my private visit, with a Polish designer friend, at MundoTextil, the manufacturer specialized in towels.

Fascinant de découvrir les différents mode de fabrication du textile! Mes deux précédentes expériences étaient à Kyoto, avec le maître tisseur des étoffes de l’empereur Japon et un atelier de tissage en Thaïlande. 

I was completely fascinated by the different steps of textile manufacture in a modern factory! My previous two experiences were in Kyoto, with the weaver master of outstanding fabrics for the Emperor of Japan and a silk workshop in Thailand.

The Magic Starts With a Thread,

then many (photomontage above). Once woven, the fabrics are washed, “ironed” and cut into towels (photomontage below).

We followed all the different steps, from the showroom (presentation and sale of the collections) to the exciting production spaces and creative studio.


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Guimarães Home Fashion Week


Many thanks to the Guimarães Home Fashion Week for this invitation and to Mundotextil for the exciting visit of their factory. And many thanks you to Salome too. As always, these are my opinions.

La Guimarães Home Fashion Week

Un salon de textile de taille humaine

J’ai été invitée à la Guimarães Home Fashion Week 2017 au début de l’été dernier. Une belle occasion pour moi de découvrir le savoir faire des fabricants et marques portugaises de textile. Vous connaissez ma passion pour le textile, la décoration d’intérieur et l’architecture.

Ce salon professionnel se tenait dans la superbe Pousada Mosteiro de Guimaraes, un monument historique. Ce qui donnait du cachet à l’événement. Les marques présentaient leur collection dans des chambres, ou dans des espaces décorés d’azulejos anciens.

En photos, ma sélection des tendances et produits qui m’ont plus. Photomontage ci-dessus : j’aime beaucoup l’inspiration ethnique chic et graphique de la marque Colma Co. Photomontage ci-dessous : 1, un jeu de lit et set de serviettes à l’imprimé palmier très frais de Renaitex. 2, des cousins en tissus satiné de Cristina Teixeira

Photo ci-dessus et photo ci-dessous :  une collection très actuelle de Domingos de Sousa., avec ces peignoirs et jeu de serviettes gris délavé. Et belles serviettes de bain colorés. 

Photomontage ci-dessus : 1, très chouette coussin (hibou, lol) de JPS Home & Textil. 2 et 3, deux superbes fontaines de la Pousada Mosteiro de Guimaraes. 4, Dans chaque chambre, les fabricants exposaient leur dernière collection. 

Le plus bel espace d’exposition revient au groupe MoreTextile (photo ci-dessus et photos ci-dessous), entre verdure, colonnes et fontaine anciennes et azulejos. 


Passionnante visite de l’usine de Mundotextil

Découverte d’un mode production moderne

J’ai beaucoup apprécié ma visite privée, avec une amie designer polonaise, chez le fabricant de linge de maison, spécialisé en serviettes, MundoTextil.

Fascinant de découvrir les différents mode de fabrication du textile! Mes deux précédentes expériences étaient à Kyoto, avec le maître tisseur des étoffes de l’empereur Japon et un atelier de tissage en Thaïlande.

La magie commence par un fil,

puis plusieurs (photomontage ci-dessus). Une fois tissés, les tissus sont lavés, repassés et coupés en serviettes (photomontage ci-dessous).

Nous avons suivi toutes les étapes : du showroom (présentation et vente des collections), aux excitants espaces de production et studio de création.


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Guimarães Home Fashion Week


Un grand merci à la Guimarães Home Fashion Week pour cette invitation et à Mundotextil pour l’excitante visite de leur usine. Un grand merci aussi à Salomé. Comme toujours, ce sont mes opinions.

Azores: Santa Maria Island

Our Starting Point

Woke Up At Dawn

We take the 6:30 am flight to Santa Maria, the smallest island of the Azores archipelago (16.6 km long by 9.1 km wide), located 81 km from São Miguel.

It is also the oldest island of the archipelago: its formation dates back to about ten million years. And the first discovered and populated island of the Azores.

It’s a too early for me (lol!). I’m absolutely not a morning person! Thirty minutes later, we landed. Waiting for the heavy rain to stop, Henrique, our tour guide drives us to the only one opened café in Vila do Porto (the main city). 

Then we head in 4X4 to the Fort Sao Bras (video below). The landscape and wind make me think of Ireland (picture above).


If you have trouble watching the videos, refresh the page and move the cursor a bit forwad on the timeline. And if it doesn’t work, do not hesitate to leave me a comment.. 

Crossing fields

Movie Set

We take a path in the fields to cross the center of the island. Awesome landscape! My first favorite scenery in Santa Maria! 


The Red Desert


Barreiro da Faneca

Totally unexpected! After the fields and sheeps, the Red Desert. This arid zone of clay is unique in the Azores archipelago. Leaving Bareiro da Faneca, we find very green landscapes with here and there lovely traditional houses (photos below).


Poço da Pedreira


North Of The Island

An impressive landscape shaped by man: Poço da Pedreira is an ancient quarry located in Santa Barbara. The stone was used to built the traditional houses and parish of Santa Barbara.

Then we head towards São Lourenço (pictured below). Superb view of the bay and the village from the Mirador of Espigão!


The Lunch



Finally, I can see the ocean up close. The sound and power of the waves! The black sand beach that contrasts with the foam of the waves under a strong light. The color of the water changes from ultramarine blue to emerald. Magic! And the grilled fish is delicious.


Cascata do Aveiro


110 mètres de haut!

Look at the height of the woman in the right edge of the picture above : so tiny! Then we drive along the coast. The ocean…


Ribeira do Maloás


Wow! The only place I saw this kind of volcanic roc was in Porto Santo (small island off Madeira). We walked on a narrow footpath along the cliff (first picture below).

What a surprise by discovering the wide verdant plateau split in two parts with this huge wall! Outstanding!

Back to the 4X4 to go to Pico Alto, the highest point of the island at 586.64 meters above sea level (second photo below). Great a panoramic view.   


Back To São Miguel

In the early evening, we flight back to São Miguel. We are exhausted! I think the dinner will be pretty funny (lol). 

I will go back to Santa Maria!

Photos & vidéos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


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Many thanks to Visit Azores, Visit Portugal and TAP for this superb invitation. Thanks also to our great guide in Santa Maria, Henrique Simões. As always, these are my opinions.