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A Selection of Light Fragrances: The Sparkling


A perfume selection for women

All those perfumes are absolutely new for me, I’ve never heard about those niche brands before. So exciting, I really enjoy discovering them. For selecting the 5 “light” perfumes on the picture below, I’ve smell more than 30 perfumes, because I wanted to smell almost all perfumes of each brands!

This first selection is for lovers of light perfumes, sometimes sweet, leaving in the air a note of happiness. I call them “The Sparkling”. Check out my other post about “The (spicy) Heady” perfumes.

Except Still Life of Olfactive Studio (great modern design), I find the bottles very disappointing and really not “sexy” (no dream, no fantasy), such a shame…


Delicious as a sweet citrus sorbet (kumquat, orange, bitter orange), Gourmand and light. 

2. Reflection OF AMOUAGE

A bouquet of white flowers that vaguely recalls the fresh fig. Fresh and bright, illustrates youth… carefree, a spring morning. 


Strong presence of the citrus (Yuzu again, a trend I really like). A touch of happiness. Slightly sweet. Simple and unpretentious and very contemporary. A”happy” trail. 

4. Miss Charming OF Juliette Has a Gun

I’ve initially found difficult to smell anything, then scent became more present. Very slightly sweet (Moroccan rose, musk, wild fruits). (Too) subtle, charming, definitely too discrete for my taste. 

5. Les Princesses de Venise OF Romea d’Améor

(The Princesses of Venice) : fruity (orange, grapefruit, blackcurrant, melon, pineapple… ), really gourmand. A trail, a movement, a presence. A perfume that I immediately liked.     

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