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Back To Val Thorens, France (Part 2)

France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Activities-Ice Driving-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K 1

Ice Driving

France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Activities-Ice Driving-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Wow Wow!

My baptism of ice driving! I really wanted to do it! On a previous trip, I discovered the circuit de glace Alain Prost in Val Thorens (the highest ice-racing track in Europe) at the Trophée Andros race. I like motorsport, but I couldn’t test with a pilot last time.

So this time, when I was invited to this little session of controlled “steering, counter-steering, braking…” on ice, I was thrilled! The principle is simple. Christophe, a professional driver drives the race car explaining how to take turns (the most interesting for me).

Time to do few turns and the session is already over … Next step: the ice driving course… Photos below: I extend the experience of being a passanger in the classy Mini of the Val Thorens Tourist Office (you guys rock!).

France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Mini-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Mini-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The Lunch

France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Lunch @ Chez-Pépé-Nicolas-Restaurant-1A-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Chez Pépé Nicolas

Lunch in this famous alpine chalet located in between Val Thorens and Les Menuires. We have a little trouble finding the parking … The restaurant is accessible by ski or by car (you will have to walk and it climbs a bit, lol). 

What a great surprise! The place is clear and warm. And we followed the chef’s suggestion: chicken and pasta with truffles and cheese cake. A delight! Gargantuan portion (photo above). And as a light dessert, I chose a chocolate ice cream! LOL!

France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Lunch @ Chez-Pépé-Nicolas-Restaurant-2A-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Or Try The Gastronomic Brasserie

Warning, Gourmets! The Vallée des Belleville is a breeding ground for the Michelin starred chefs! During a lunch in the resort at the Montana Restaurant, I had the chance to taste the bubbly and delicious cuisine of Chef Jérémy Gillon (photos below).

Ooops, I don’t remember the exact names of our different dishes, but the photos (below) speak for themselves! It’s beautiful, colorful (to the eye and palate) and delicious!

France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Lunch @ Le-Montana-Brasserie-Restaurant-Michelin-Starred-Chef-Jeremy-Gillon-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

A Nice Boutique Hotel

Hotel-Le-Val-Thorens-France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

In The Center of The Resort,

facing the slopes, you can stay at Le Val Thorens hotel with cool friends. Lovely interior design with a few art works (picture 4 below), the style is a mix of contemporary mountain and minimalist Scandinavian design.

The architecture of the lobby is a bit surprising, but the furniture creates a warm atmosphere (photo 5 below). I loved the view and the cozy atmosphere of my room (too bad the bathroom is very narrow). I felt so good that I skipped the dinner to not leave my bed!

Well, I still made the final push to join some friends for a drink … The breakfast room is also very nice. Unfortunately I haven’t enough time to discover the pool and spa. I have to finish my suitcase for the next resort … 

Hotel-Le-Val-Thorens-France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KHotel-Le-Val-Thorens-France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-3-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K Hotel-Le-Val-Thorens-France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K Hotel-Le-Val-Thorens-France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-5-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K Hotel-Le-Val-Thorens-France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-6-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Val Tho Party

France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Nightlife-Bar-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K France-Val-Thorens-Ski-Resort-Nightlife-Bar-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.




Many thanks to the 3 Vallées and Val Thorens Tourist Office, for all of these stunning surprises, including the ice driving. As always, these opinions are my own.

Acer: Aspire V15 Nitro Black & Other New Products

Acer-Aspire V15 Nitro Black-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Amazing Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black

Recently I was invited to the party hosted by Acer to discover their new products: laptops, tablets and smartphones, real Ali Baba barracks (lol)!

Although I arrived a little late (I have a reputation to keep, lol), I attended the presentation of the new laptops. Many exciting choices for everyone: like for example, some with “removable” screens rotate etc …

But when I took over the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black (photos above and below), I immediately recognized the object of my high-tech desire as a geek, a photographer and a digital nomad (lololol !).

Acer-Aspire V15 Nitro Black-2-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Nomadic and Super Efficient

Powerful Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor. A chic nomadic device able to accommodate heavy image editing software: a 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M graphics card.

Lightweight notebook with a 15.6-inch 1,920-by-1,080-resolution screen! Let me dream of the Aspire V17 Nitro Black! 

Last pictue post: top right edge photo, the Liquid Jade new smartphone I will review soon. Since my first smartphone, the Acer CloudMobile S500, I became hooked! Bottom left side photo: another new design which I really like, a kind of a lovely gadget, the Iconia Tab Windows 8 W 8.1. An input range at reasonable prices. 

Acer-Aspire-New Nitro Black-1-Blog Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014 Acer-Aspire-New Nitro Black-2-Blog Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014 Acer-New Products-Smartphones-Tabs-Notebooks-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.

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Brussels: The Shop Opening Of Just Campagne, With The French Star Nathalie Baye

Well I do not often meet iconic stars like the gorgeous French actress, Nathalie Baye (picture above)! It was last Friday at the opening night of the first Just Campagne boutique in Brussels, the French brand of high-end leather goods, whose founder and designer is Azzedine Berkouk (picture 3). What was my surprise when I arrived to discover the crowd in the store! There were the designer Edouard Vermeulen and the writer Anna Gavalda. It’s a feeling or did I gossip about celebs? LOL!

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012, tous droits réservés. 

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