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Germany: Traveling & Wellness Weekend in The Black Forest

Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Vineyards-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Offenburg et ses alentours

Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Vineyards-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Would you like going to the countryside? Follow me time to a traveling and wellness weekend in the Black Forest. On my way to my first stop, the Waldhotel Gruener Baum in Oberkirch-Ödsbach: the road is lined with cherry blossoms and vines. What a gorgeous landscape! Summer temperatures, the Ortenau county enjoys a microclimate.


Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Gengenbach-5-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The next day I discover the small medieval town, Gengenbach, famous for its Christmas market and carnival according to the German tradition (picture above: view of the city hall from the Niggelturm tower of the carnival museum). Pictures below: old beautiful buildings with trompe l’oeil facades (of the Benedictine old Abbey) and timbered houses.

Then I do a wine tasting of the Gengenbacher Winzer eG cooperative (which includes many small growers). It’s always pretty fun for me who doesn’t drink to taste new wines. Here are the two wines I really liked: the elegant Riesling Klingelberg Kabinett Riesling Klingelberg Kabinett (2013 er Gengenbacher) and the very fruity fresh white wine Grauer Burgunder (2014 “Herz & Hand”), a Pinot gris.

Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Gengenbach-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KGermany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Gengenbach-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Gengenbach-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The Lake Titisee

Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Road To Titisee-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

After having spent one night at the Elztal Hotel in Winden im Elztal, I hit the road to the lake Titisee of glacial origin, for a short boat ride with a group of Chinese tourists. On the road, I enjoy the traditional farms and barns roofs and rolling hills and conifer forests (above picture).

I arrive to my last stop, Erfurth’s Bergfried in Hinterzarten in the early afternoon (last photo). Hinterzarten is a ski resort where ski buffs can also visit the ski museum. And I highly recommend you to visit Freiburg. I only crossed the city that seems very interesting.  

Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Road To Titisee-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Titisee-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K Germany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Titisee-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KGermany-Bade-Wutemberg-Sharzwald-Black Forest-Fom Titisee To Hinterzarten-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


Wellness Stars, The German National Tourist Board, the hotels : Erfurths BergfriedWadhotel Grüener Baum & Elztalhotel


Many thanks to the Wellness Stars and The German National Tourist Board for the invitation. As alwyas these are my opinions.