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Dinner at The Michelin Starred L’And Restaurant

L'And Restaurant-Miguel Laffan-Portugal-Alentejo-1C-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

The L’And Restaurant Successful Mix of Design, Food and Wine

The restaurant of the L’And Vineyards in Alentejo (Portugal) is a somewhat magical place “Outstanding-Nature-Resort!” I had the chance to dine with a friend and meet the Michelin starred Chef Miguel Laffan there.

As I didn’t know what to choose, I asked the chef to help me. He recommended me to take the Tasting menu with 6 dishes (yes 6 as the Number 6 in The Prisoner)! Too much for me!

The Chef tries to convince me: the portions are small. Okay let’s try the tasting menu, but only with some Pedras Salgadas, one of my favorite sparkling waters. To be honest, I like to taste wines only during a visit to a vineyard, more out of curiosity than greed.

L'And Restaurant-Miguel Laffan-Portugal-Alentejo-2-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Bon appetit!

Gourmet or not: you can’t remain indifferent to this creative cuisine that subtly combines exotic flavors and Portuguese tradition. Here in order, the photo montage (above): 1. The appetizers with the excellent Portuguese regional products: olive oil, Pata Negra, pepper salad and cheese.

2. The divine “Portugaise bouillabaisse with pan fried crayfish and oyster “croquette.” I don’t like oysters, but I found the oyster croquette delicious ! Luckily I never really look the menu! LOL!

3. “Tuna fish tataki in a mille feuilles with a red onion compote and mango chutney, radish, coriander and bergamot salad.” Should I add something? Ah yes the presentation! So important for a photographer. The food is as beautiful to see as delicious to eat.

4. “Red mullet and squid stew “açorda” with a seaweed and fennel dashi.” Awesome if you enjoy fish!

L'And Restaurant-Miguel Laffan-Portugal-Alentejo-3-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

I ask the Chef Miguel Laffan what is his favorite ingredient:

He answers without hesitation: “a good company” (pictured below). And it is in good company I continue this tasting … that never ends, lol! I confess: as exceptional as are the dishes I’m not be able to eat more after the fourth dish!

On the second photo-montage (above): 1. The incredibly soft “roasted tenderloin pig from Alentejo slowly, cauliflower gratin with asparagus, peas and black pudding sausage. ” 4. The wines, including those of The And Vineyards. 

The desserts: 2. “White and black chocolate tiramisu with mascarpone and pistachio cream, cherries in kirsch syrup and coffee ice cream” and 3. “Sweet carrot duet over pistachio crumble with saffron and fresh ginger foam and honey ice cream.” I’m not really a dessert person, I’m more salty than sweet, but the colorful lively presentation is an invitation to taste.

L'And Restaurant-Miguel Laffan-Portugal-Alentejo-4B-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014L'And Restaurant-Miguel Laffan-Portugal-Alentejo-6-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.  


L’And Vineyards

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Many thanks to the Chef Miguel Laffan and his team for this fantastic dining experience! And to the L’And Vinyards to invite my friend and I. Yes, as always these are my opinions. 

Thailand, Amphawa: Romhub, the unusual market of Mae Klong

Here I am on the road

to the town of Amphawa, just off the plane and the traffic near Suvarnabhumi, the Bangkok airport. 

On the way, we stop at the Romhub market in the small town of Mae Klong. At first I didn’t understand why (I was not really awake): I heard something about a train crosses the market.

Okay. The heat is overwhelming, I feel like liquefy me. I surf between umbrellas and under the covered part of the market.  Further, I can see the rails of the train, between fruits and vegetables, fish and meats, and a thousand things… 

When of a sudden, the rythm of this part of the market changes. The traders are busy, moving their goods and rolling them covering each side of the rails (picture below). Customers have vanished. And the few tourists are excited. Everyone is waiting. When the famous train casually arrives. So slow!

But the picture is rather unusual and hypnotic. At the last minute, I jumped on one of the side, like everyone. The train barely passed us, the activity has picked up again. In less than 5 minutes, the market has taken its original look! Those who slept resumed their nap. Those who bought continue their shopping. And the heat is more and more overwhelming.

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés   

Follow my whole trip in THAILAND (all my posts) and Twitter. And in few days you could also discover my other pictures in the Facebook of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Facebook of the Royal Thai Embassy in Belgium. ENJOY! 

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Thailand, Klongkone Mangrove Conservation Centre 


South Tyrol, Italy: Lunch @ The Golf & Spa Resort Andreus

After my first golf lesson

(congrats Ms Le K, lol!) and before going to “fix” my back and shoulders (oops!): a light lunch in the lounge bar of the Andreus Golf & Spa Resort, with a fantastic view on the mountain.

The scenery is magnificent (last picture). What a surprise discovering my beautiful dishes (pictures 1 & 2: the starter and the main course)! And also delicious!

During my stay in Süd Tyrol, I noticed in all the restaurants I went : few eatables flowers were often added to perfect the food presentation. I really like it, it brightens and feminizes the presentation. See you at the spa


www.andreus.itwww.suedtirol.info, www.meranerland.com, www.suedtirols-sueden.info, www.lufthansa.com    


Many thanks for this beautiful invitation to Suedtirol and Lufthansa. As always these opinions are my own.