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Ma Petite Personne by Celeste Durry

– It’s really egocentric to have a child! I regret  we wear young kids as the grown-ups. I try to do things with a minimum of humor.

Pregnant Celeste Durry the fashion designer of the children brand Ma Petite Personne, looks for clothes for her son:

– An unexploited market!

Graduated of Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris and the Xuly Bët Collections Director for three years, the future mum realize a project very quickly:

– In September 2006, I finished my first collection of little boys clothes and seven shops ordered it. Then I created my company in February 2008. After the Play Time fair, I had a first press in Madame Figaro. People’s got more interested and liked the product. Then there were articles in Elle and Milk.

– I don’t want to make an elitist product, but something more middle-high range with prices from 25 Euros to 150 Euros.

The world of Ma petite Personne is fun and groovy and with humor:

– Keeping a smart part with a mischievous part. For winter, I wanted a very colorful product, really bourgeois and dandy, like an English lord. For me it looks like a really classic, but I’m a bit on edgy. (Laughs)

 – For summer 2009 : a colorful collection with prints we’ve designed, more Rock’ n’ Roll than winter with small perfectos. The tiger is  in all my collections, cause it makes me laugh. Everything is super easy to put on and really comfortable, in cotton or a mix with cotton. And coming next: a 100% bio jeans collection. I’m interest in bio and ethical business, cause it helps socially very poor populations. For example: in Mali, it gives work to women.

And the big news, next summer Ma Petite Personne will have items for young ladies. But Celeste specifies:

– I won’t favor girls, the brand keeps a specific selection for boys. Girls outfits will came from unisex wardrobe of boys.

And very soon, after ten shops in Paris and one in Brussels, you will find Ma Petite Personne in Japan. Don’t pay attention to her “forever teenager” look, the really determinate Celeste goes fast:

I have a little ego. Work and professional recognition are very important for me.

So do we. And Ma Petite Personne will grow : congrats Celeste!


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