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Les Etangs De Corot, A Suite Designed By Paul & Joe

The lovely Paul & Joe‘s junior suite Les Etangs de Corots, the bucolic hotel of the Caudalie Spa near Paris. For a great relaxing week-end in a beautiful sourroundings with the ponds of Corot (Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot was a famous impressionist painter). The Paul & joe suite isespecially dedicated to the fashion addicts, hit by Peter Pan’s syndrome (teenager for ever)! The suite designed by Sophie Abou, the founder and fashion designer of Paul & Joe, is fasely naive and really feminine : mixing a bit of vintage, bright colours (good for mood), nippon details and African graphic stool. There is also a small balcony with a view to the ponds. What a pity the frames on the wall aren’t real pictures! But the whole decoration brings a touch of lightness (I mean, with an easy going feeling), the perfect match to continue the benefits of the Caudalie spa.

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Les Etangs de Corot, une chambre signée Paul & Joe

Très chouette, la petite suite Paul & Joe, à l’hôtel Les Etangs de Corots. A recommender pour un week-end “je recharge les batteries”, dans un cadre calme et champêtre à moins d’une heure de Paris. Pour celles qui n’arriveraient pas à mettre en veilleuse leur âme de fashionista, dévorée par le syndrome Peter Pan (teenager for ever – ado pour toujours) ! L’espace décoré par Sophie Abou, créatrice de Paul & Joe, est faussement ingénu et très féminin : un zest de vintage, couleurs vives (qui boostent le moral l’hiver) et détails “nipponisants”, tabouret graphiques d’inspiration africaine et petite terrasse donnant sur les étangs. Dommage que les images dans les cadres, ne soient pas de vraies photos! Mais l’ensemble apporte une touche de légerté (qui ne se prend pas au sérieux), parfaite pour prolonger les bienfaits du spa Caudalie de l’hôtel.

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The Caudalie Spa @ Les Etangs de Corot, near Paris

Let’s Drive To The Spa Caudalie,

Les Etangs de Corot in Ville d’Avray : 30 to 45 minutes from the centre of Paris. At the minimalist spa reception, they have an eye for detail (picture 2). And I’ve enjoyed shooting snapshots of the bucolic hotel, Les Etangs de Corot (coming-up post). Nestled in a scenic countryside, I feel being in an Impressionist painting. To be honest after my wow experience of the face anti-aging line Vinexpert, I was curious about Caudalie’s body treatment. So today I choice the relaxing massage with essential oils and a strong and pleasant scent of mint.

I come into one of the rooms with a stunning view of a large pond. And I feel a mega zen vibe (picture above). Playing really low, I hear a – something – post new age music, when I lay down on a table. A gentle warm oil is applied to the skin in circular movements : the massage starts with the back and the nape of the neck. Then the right arm, leg and foot, same with the left side. Changing position (lying on the back), for massaging of the bust, stomach and legs. And I discover a new massage on the calves : bent leg, sat on my foot, the massage therapist massages the back of the calf. It is amazingly relaxing for muscles. She repeats the same movements to my left calf.

This body massage is a premiere. I am much more in therapeutic Thai and Chinese massages. After those dynamic oilfree massages, you feel exhausted. You have to wait for one day to feel deeply good. Here the massage lasts 50 minutes and I feel relaxed, in a lighter body. The massage therapist takes me in a small rest room with a great pond’s view. But I prefer the bigger room next to the spa reception (picture 3). I quickly drink a red infusion (with grape?), I’ve already been late for my lunch @ the Café des Artistes (le bistrot de l’hôtel Les Etangs de Corots).

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