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Bordeaux, France: The CAPC, Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux

Second stage of my Bordeaux trip : the CAPC. The contemporary museum of Bordeaux is located in the Entrepôt Lainé building (1824), in the Chartrons area (on the wharves). I really wanted to see  the exhibition of Shimabuku (picture 2), “On the water” (till May 6, 2012). There is a lot of humour in the work of this Japanese artist (so rare in the contemporary art… more often supa boring!). Then I discovered some pearls of the master Christian Boltanski (picture below). And the icing on the cake : a mural painting of Keith Harring from 1985 (pictures 3 and 4) hidden by an industrial lift! I stop by the  Café Andrée Putman, a cosy roof-top terrace. The famous interior designer, Andrée Putman contributed to  the layout of the interior of the museum. So if you enjoy history (this massive building used to be the colonial foods warehouse), architecture (redevelopment by Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, between 1979 and 1990), interor design and of course, contemporary art : you must go to the CAPC! Defenitely ! Getting outside, I went to the Hôtel Seeko’o (that means in inuit “igloo”), famous for its facade in cioran (last picture), designed in  2007 by the French King Kong architecture studio. But I did not like the interior. Ready for the next stop?

Infos : The CAPC, Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux, www.rosab.net, www.capc-bordeaux.fr 

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Bordeaux, France: le CAPC, le musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux

Seconde étape de mon long week-end à Bordeaux : le CAPC. Le musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux a investi le monumental Entrepôt Lainé (1824) dans le quartier des Chartrons (sur les quais). Le bâtiment est impressionnant. Et je tenais absolument à voir l’expo “Sur l’eau” (jusqu’au 6 mai 2012) de l’artiste japonais Shimabuku (photo 2), dont la démarche ne manque pas d’humour (si rare dans l’art contemporain… souvent assomant!). On découvre aussi quelques perles comme l’incontournable Christian Boltanski (photo ci-dessus). Et cerise sur le gâteau, une peinture murale de Keith Harring datant de 1985 (photo 3 & 4)! Pour conclure la visite, on se pose au Café Andrée Putman, une agréable terrasse sur le toit du musée. Andrée Putman qui a contribué à l’agencement de l’intérieur du musée. Donc si vous aimez, l’histoire (le bâtiment a été l’Entrepôt réel des denrées coloniales de Bordeaux), l’architecture (réaménagement par Denis Valode et Jean Pistre entre 1979 et 1990), l’architecture d’intérieur et l’art contemporain : à visiter absolument! En sortant, on remonte les quais jusqu’à l’Hôtel Seeko’o, “igloo” en inuit (dernière photo), réalisé en 2007 par l’atelier d’architecture King Kong et célèbre pour sa façade en corian (matériau souvent utilisé pour les cuisines). Mais je n’ai pas du tout aimé les intérieurs. Prêts pour la prochaine étape?

Infos pratiques : le CAPC, musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux, www.rosab.net, www.capc-bordeaux.fr

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Bordeaux, France: The Bordeaux Wine School

If you do know where to see this mural painting in Bordeaux (picture above)

– and who is the famous painter (really easy) – wow congrats! You have all my admiration! If not (oops), wait till my next post about this trip. Well, I’m in Bordeaux for a short break (2-3 days) and I want to discover the city, a bit of the countryside and some wines (how could it be possible Ms Diet Coke? Nobody’s perfect!). My trip start in the beautiful historical center of Bordeaux and its freshly renovated monuments!

First stop: my oeunology course @ The Bordeaux Wine School (Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux), founded in 1989. You can choice between different workshops, depending on your level and availability. If like me you don’t know anything and worst Merlot and Cabernet remind you some fantastic Caudalie‘s exfoliating scrubs, start with the two hours initiation workshop : “to make the difference between Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, to identify Bordeaux wines and express your own tastes and sensations“. What an experience! I’ve taste and spit (not to get drunk!) and talked and discribe flavours and smells and locate famous wines.

You’ll enter in a really exciting world ! And I recommend you Nathalie Escudero, she is an amazing teacher and guide who mkes her own wine ! At the ground floor of The Bordeaux Wine School, the wine bar is impressive and very lively in the evening (picture below). The atmosphere is really friendly, cosmopolitan and a bit trendy. But right now, I need a sweet snack and want to taste a canelé, the famous Bordelais speciality with rhum, not wine (picture 3) ! Then to follow me to the wharves area (pictures 4 & 5): click HERE!


L’Ecole du Vin du CIVB / Bordeaux Wine School, www.bordeaux.com 

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