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Primark: Presentation of the collection Fall-Winter 2012 in Berlin

One week before the Berlin Fashion Week,

I was invited to the Primark‘s presentation of the collection Fall-Winter 2012. If like me, you didn’t know this Irish brand : follow-me in the hype district of Mitte!  That reminds me the Marais (in Paris), or Sainte Catherine district (in Brussels).

Here is a selection of accessories, belt, shoes and clothes that I have caught the eye. Picture 1 (above): awsome mix, the plus sized ring and the gold cuff.

Picture 2: a “Pocohontas” belt that you should avoid wearing it with a Cherokee total look.

Picture 3: a pink biker jacket that makes a lovely silouhette and a polka dot cigarette pants to complete with a Marni tote of last winter. Picture 4: silver cuff and gold bracelets. Last picture:  The Stardust (Bowie) glitters “Docs”.

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Lancel: The Paris Party for the 135 Years Old of Lancel

November 24th, Lancel organised a big party in its huge Champs-Elysées flagship, to celebrate the house’s 135 years old. At the entrance, the usual paparazzi fauna waiting for peolpeand Paris socialites, editors in chief and bloggers from all around the world, including your favourite blogger (me, without myself and I, lol!). Sorry you won’t find any celebs here, darling you’re visiting a fashion blog, not a gossip blog!). But let me tell you babe, there were many French actresses like the charming Louise Bourgeois, several French TV hotsts and some international celebs like Sienna Miller… Pictures above : Mark Ronson, the famous producer of Amy Winhouse, which is also a musician and a DJ. Pictures 2, 3 & 4 : Marc Lelandais, the CEO of Lancel and Alison Le Borges, the superb new ambassador of Lancel and Leonello Borghi, the Creative Director of Lancel . Pictures 4, 5 & 6 : the feisty Nica Broucke, the ELLE Belgie Editor, with a new friend, the lobster. En communication avec Bruxelles, Jean-Pierre Tordeurs, Editor of Paris Match Belgique and the smiling Trui Moerkerke, Editor of Knack. And last, but not least, two top bloggers “Sopa styleee”, comparing their big cameras (lol!) : me and my buddy Sofie (Fashionata)! And our muse, the peacock baby!

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Casba, Tokyo nights: meeting Reiko and MAX

Karaoke Exit

Christophe, Franck and I are moving to Casba. Finding the entrance is a big challenge! Wow midnight, nobody yet: too early! Reiko, the boss, is calling, she’s in a cab, on her way:

– I am Tokyo.

Really confidential small bar, where instantly you feel good and beatiful! Only “regular” (from all over the world) know it. And tonight my new tomodachi (friends) are Nana (picture above) and Reina, two membres of the famous Jpop girls band, MAX:

 – We are the Japanese Spice Girls.

Reiko Agrees And Shows Me

her Hello Kitty and Keith Harring tatoos and talks about her last trip in Hawaii, her strict education and advertising studies. A creative who loves movies and nights:

– My life is nightlife. Since I was 18 years old, I’ve organised parties.

She explains after his first Dior collection, Hedi Slimane visit her. Balenciaga team booked the bar for a night, Sofia and Roman C. (Yes « lost in Translation » family)… Well almost “all” Paris, NY and LA come here. Reiko is a charming free character like her “baby” Casba, between Gloria (Cassavetes) and Warhol posters, fashion books, eclectic cds and pieces of chats interrupted by many laughs: campaï! Of course, at night everything is more beautiful!

Reina and Nana 

Reiko, Nana, Reina, Christophe and Franck: domo arigato gosaimasu to you guys!

Casba: Wakamatsu Building B1F 2-14-15, Tokyo, 150-0001, Higashi Shibuya-ku

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