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Uriage: Thermal Water, Cleansing Lotion & Skincare

Uriage-Thermal Water-Roséliane-Cleansing-Lotion-Sensitive-Skin-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The Uriage Thermal Water and Roséliane Cleansing Lotion  

The essential step before any treatment is a good makeup removal and cleaning. It is really important to do it properly. For several months I use the Roséliane Cleasing Lotion of Uriage. Ultra soft texture, a real treat!

This fresh solution, both creamy and aqueous formulated for very sensitive skin, suits me perfectly. My skin is particularly reactive during the winter. I apply it with fingertips (previously washed) by small circles on the face and neck. Its smell is pleasant and unobtrusive. 

Then I remove everything with a drained cotton (after having it wet in hot water). As a tonic, I complete this first step with the Thermal Water spray full in minerals and trace elements that hydrate and really soothes my skin.

Sometimes when I need an intense hydration, I leave the AcquaPRECIS Moisturizing Express Mask of Uriage all night,. The texture is a bit sticky, but next morning the features are smoothed and the skin is plumped ….

Uriage-Isofill-Regiment-Anti-Aging-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The Isofill Regiment

I have a combination skin which is drier than oily in winter. And during the colder months, I prefer adding to serum a rich anti-aging cream. I need to feel that my skin is really fed. So I tested the anti-wrinkle Isofill regiment of Uriage for more than two months.

First I applied the Isofill Sérum, Wrinkle Focus Intensive Serum (picture 1): very fluid texture. I think it is a great hydration boost when it’s used with the Isofill Rich Cream with Shea butter (Isofill Crème Riche, picture 2). This duo offers an incredible comfort to the skin and a beautiful shine, but no visible effect on my wrinkles.

My favorite product is the Isofill Eye Contour Care: excellent (Isofill Contour des Yeux, picture 3) to moisturize without irritating the fragile area around the eyes. I put very little and it melts into the skin and lasts long. I also love the fresh scent (same as the Roséliane Cleansing Lotion’s one).

Isofill is a very good line to deeply nourish the skin and believe me I am very demanding when it comes to choose my cosmetics. As the textures are very fluid and quickly absorbed through the skin, maybe I add this regiment to my beauty routines for combination skin, this summer too … Do feel free to give me your opinion. 

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés 


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My beauty routine: The Moisturizing Gel Cream of La Mer

MlleLeK La Mer 1

After the cleansing step, the care step!

My last two and a half months focus was hydration … and if possible with a lil something extra (like in the very latest formulas combining anti-aging and firming!). First I was looking for a cream that my skin tolerates and gives me comfort and radiance. Then nourishes without greasing, because in summer my combination skin becomes oily. And if possible, pleasant to apply. So I tested The Moisturizing Gel Cream of La Mer, the version for oily skin of the famous La Mer cream, with many virtues.

Unique texture that immediately melts into the skin, leaving a very light scent. Perfect for hot and humid climates. The first fifteen days, I had a mixed feeling and expected …  a kind of “miracle” of the skin, given the history of the cult cream of La Mer! Of course the hydration level was high, but nothing more … After a month, the first visible effect: the complexion is brightened. And the texture of the skin is improved. It is denser and firmer. Its appearance is more regular. At the end of two months and a half, then I see a real “visible” improvement: my skin looks healthy and toned. And it’s true, I’m pretty blown away!

In addition, I also used  The Eye Concentrate of La Mer to be applied to the eye. I really like the texture of the cream that hydrates and nourishes the eye area and lips. In spite of a high comfort for the skin, once in two my eyes are irritated. So I use it only rarely and in small quantities, preferably before going to bed. To be honest I have lots of trouble finding a cream that does not irritate my eyes.


Creme de La Mer

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The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Moisturizing Cream and Eye Roll-on: For An Effective Hydration

Has it already happened to you scraping the bottom of your face cream jar

as if it was a Nutella jar? I wanted to talk about this face moisturizer for while! Sometimes a basic simple product at a reasonable price, does much better than trendy expensive creams with exaggerated promises!

I loved everything in Aqualia Thermal of Vichy. Here we target hydration and hydration only! I tested it from the late summer to early October. The non-sticky texture is a great pleasure: very nice to apply that quickly penetrates (incredible feeling of freshness). I like its low scent and I especially noticed my skin better hydrated. This face cream brings me good looks all terrain and all temperatures (important for  dehydrated sensitive combination skin).

I completed my routine with the Eye Roll-on Aqualia Thermal: labeled as “fortifying hydrogel” (what a name lol!), to improve the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. I would just name it: a fresh gel that soothes the eye and brings a very relaxed feeling. Very little product is enough for each application. These two products are really effective and paraben free. I also like the blue packaging of the moisturizing cream!

Photos: Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012 

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