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A Nail Polish Selection

Spring spring spring, colors!

And this summertime, I want flashy colors on my nails! Picture above : 1. L’Oréal : Lush Tangerine Rich Le Vernis. A greedy name for a bright color. The texture is really liquid, but dense and uniforme applied on nails.

2. Herôme : Rio de Janeiro, a color pretty fluorescent  between coral and orange, great for feet. It’s better to apply many coats, cause this nail polish is vrey very liquid. 

Picture below : 1. Mavala : Khaki Vintage, my darling! Its metal sheen is hyponitic. 3. L’Oréal : Blue Reef Rich Le Vernis. A color for dreaming (sea, sea, sea…), chic, original and show off! To macht with Navigate Her of Essie.

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Une mini sélection de vernis

C’est le printemps, vive la couleur!

Et l’été sur la plage, je veux des couleurs qui pètent! Photo ci-dessus : 1. L’Oréal : Lush Tangerine Rich Le Vernis, en version mini. Le nom est gourmand, la couleur lumineuse et la texture bien que très liquide offre un rendu dense et uniforme sur l’ongle. 

2. HerômeRio de Janeiro, un vernis assez fluo, oscillant entre le corail et l’orange, parfait pour les pieds. Appliquer plusieurs couches, car il est très très liquide.

Photo ci-dessous : 1. Mavala : Khaki Vintage, mon préféré! Il a un reflet metallique qui le rend hypnotique. 3. L’Oréal : Blue Reef Rich Le Vernis. Une couleur qui incite au rêve (la mer la mer, la mer…), chic, original et absolument pas passe partout! A combiner avec le Navigate Her d’Essie.

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Herôme: Beautiful Nails

Dear polish addicts, let’s talk about nails first!

Here one of my favourite nail care products : the Nail Hardener Strong of Herôme, for extremely soft nails. If you feel desperate to have strong long nails : try this nail hardener during 14 days. You’ll be amazed.

How does it work? I apply one thin coat on day one and a second coat an day two. And I remove both coats with the Caring Nail Polish Remover (lightly greasy) on day three. And I repeat these steps during two weeks. As the nail hardener looks like a clear nail polish, we keep lovely hands. It’s easy, fast and efficient.

After two weeks, my nails are ready for the red nail polish application (I don’t like nails too long). And it’s awesome! The goodies, better to leave the nail hardener in the fridge to keep it fluid. From time to time I can use other nails treatments based on need. 

When my nails are very dry and brittle, I forget polish (how could it be possible? Lol!) to massage the Nourishing Nail Oils into the nails and cuticules at night (during two weeks). Or when I just want to speed up the growth of my nails,  I apply one drop of Nail Growth Explosion onto each nail during two weeksAnd then I can enjoy my red polish!



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