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The Haute Couture Relaxer @ Univers Phyto, in Paris

A post dedicated to girls with ultra dry curly or freezy hair.

Today I tested the UNIVERS PHYTO‘s institute in Paris. We started yesterday by THE diagnostic. A kind of a hair ultrasound scan on a small screen. Then Lydia comments my diagnostic: an ultra dry hair that needs more care and hydratation not to break. “The good points”: a thick strong hair. But I have to stop using my organic shea butter that greases without feedind my hair. 

Then Lydia relaxes my hair with the PHYTORELAXER, one of the most popular products of the PHOTO SPECIFIC line. Following by a care treatment to feed and smooth the hair. Lydia offers me cakes and orange juice and asks me what’s kind of hairdressing I’d like to do. Truly I didn’t have any idea, cause I don’t like to do my hair. We decided to strench it.

Wow what a shock when I discovered my hair longer, lighter and smoother (like silk) than ever! This first institute experience changed my way to look at my hair. And now I must confess, I look foward to testing the other products of PHYTO SPECIFIC to use at home (be patient, in my next beauty posts!).


UNIVERS PHYTO, Centre de Soins et de Défrisage : 109 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, Tel : 01 45 22 13 14.

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