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Shopping Design & Fashion in Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia Zagreb Shopping_1_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

During my single day in Zagreb, 

I chose these shops in the city center which offer either creations of Croatian designers or iconic products that have conquered the world, as the tie, Gentlemen! I started to work in menswear (lol)! In short, no need to come shopping in Zagreb, to spin at the same global brands you can find at home!!  

1. Modus

Croatia Zagreb Shopping_2_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

An accessory shop for home design. Mix of international brands and Croatian designers. I liked the tote bags (first picture): very cool souvenirs to bring as gifts. The picture 2 shows the Zagreb Design Week poster … Tkalčićeva 48, zagreb. Tel : +385 14 81 3470.

2. Maks Studio 

Croatia Zagreb Shopping_3_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia Zagreb Shopping_6_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

Must do. In a light intimate courtyard, Macks Studio, the store and showroom of the Croatian designer Saša Maksimiljanović offers loose clothing with asymmetrical lines and as accessories some tribal-inspired jewelery. Teslina 9 (u dvoristu), 10000 Zagreb. Tel : +385 48 10 606.

3. Boudoir

Croatia Zagreb Shopping_11_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia Zagreb Shopping_10_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

Intrigued by this dress on display (photo 1), I discovered the Boudoir, the store of the binoculars fashion designers, Morana Saračević et Martina Čičko Karapetric. Dresses of princesses for more evening than day  and a selection of hats. Radićeva 25. Telefon: +385 1 48-13-464.

4. Folk Trend

Croatia Zagreb Shopping_7_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia Zagreb Shopping_8A_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

I don’t have a particular shop or market. I’ve just liked a lot the traditional embroidered blouses. I didn’t had time to find a shop with homemade blouses and gowns made ​​in Croatia. If you know some, send me an email or leave a comment.

5. Croata 

Croatia Zagreb Shopping_9_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia Zagreb Shopping_12_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

In an old gallery in central Zagreb (picture 1), I discovered the origin of the tie at the Salon Croata. When the Croatian Light Cavalry went to Paris during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), soldiers “used to tie lively-coloured scarves around their necks in a certain way”. And during the reign of Louis XIV, Parisians really enjoyed this new fashion accessory “in the Croatian way”. Subsequently, as you know, the cravat has become global ; ) Ilica 5 (Oktogon). Tel : +385 (1) 4812-726.

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 


www.visitcroatia.beZagreb Tourist Board, www.zagrebtalks.com

Discover my whole trip in the CROATIA page and follow my TWITTER. ENJOY! I was hosted by the Office National Croate du Tourisme and obviously all my opinions are mine.

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l’Antichambre in Brussels: Custom Perfumes

You panic

not to find personalized gifts tow days of Christmas, don’t you? Here an exclusive adress in Brussels to keep confidential: l’Antichambre creates custom perfumes!

For this Chrismas, it’s a bit late, but you can choice between perfumes and candles already elaborated in Grasse (French capital of perfumes).

I do like the perfume in a leather-wrapped test tube to put in a bag, really refined! Don’t hesitate to ask Anne Pascale Mathy-Devalck for advice, she is the owner and a former photographer.

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Shop some luxury candles: click on the pictures below for more details (updated May 2015)

The White Hotel: Designers Xmas Shopping

Sunday 13 : 2.30 pm, after the brunch, I arrive at the White Hotel, for the Brussels Designr. RDV. Another Chrismas market. I decide to visit level by level, every room with a designer. Same principe as some Paris and cie professional events, fares or private sales. Except for a teddy bear’s brand and India-a-porter.com and Filles à Papa, I didn’t know any other brand. Lot’s of back and forth in the corridors. At 5 pm the event stops, shopkeepers are tired. Still many people everywhere and I haven’t finished yet the two last levels. Too bad. Here my shopping : visit their websites and you like something, contact them by e-mail. Some are not sold in shops in Brussels, Antwerp or Paris.

Superb porcelain flush-fitting ceiling light of the Dutch young designer Inge Simonis, every lamp is unique : www.ingesimonis.nl

Those great birds light of the Paris label D4 remind me the back of a famous Yves Saint Laurent’s Jacket : www.design4.fr

Hot soup without burning hands at last! Les M, Céline Merhand and Anaïs Morel, two designers from Rennes (France) have developed a cocooning concept for using usual daily objects : cup cover, baby’s bottle cover. Brilliant. www.lesmdesign.com

I really do like the various and high-constrated materials (picture above : fantastic concrete mugs and picture below, a knitting fruits basket) of the Amsterdam designer, Doreen Westphal. contact@doreenwestphal.com

Because there is not just the gifted Manish Arora, let’s be on the road again for a hippie chic style, with posh fabrics, lovely embroderies and refine cuts of new Indian designers, selected by Cookie : www.india-a-porter.com (underconstruction). Info : +32 (0)474 263 820.

“Maybe you can drive my car… Yes I’m gonna be a star!”: Yes I want this jacket, designed by Filles à Papa, two sisters from Liège (Belgium), really inspired by Terry Richardson and Jurgen Teller. www.fillesapapa.com

Stonished lamps of David Graas, a young designer from Amsterdam: www.davidgraas.com

After India, Japan with Violaine Bétayéné, the fashion designer of Elsewear who has lived six years in Tokyo and loves using Japanese fabrics (cut in ancient kimonos) for her accessoiries collcetion : bangles, clutches and bags, like this really nice bag. www.fromwear.com 

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