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Shopping for gifts in Lisbon

Shopping For Gifts In Lisbon-Embaixada-1-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013

1. EMBAIXADA : The Coming up Portuguese Designers. In a beautiful old palace (see all pictures), you get lost in a maze of rooms, where you discover various areas dedicated to the young Portuguese designers or brands. For the gourmet: I had a crush for the traditional Portuguese products (olive oils, sardines, biscuits …) with a really hype packaging! There are also great notebooks, pads etc… Many original gifts at affordable prices. Very nice coffee in the patio too (photo 3). Praça do Príncipe Real, nº 26. 

2. CORK & CO : jewelry in cork and silver. I didn’t know that cork is used as a traditional craft materials in Portugal. Better tell you right away, in a soft version: I do not like cork at all! But a friend took me to this shop selling fashion and home accessoiries with a modern design (lamps, jewels & bags). And I really liked the bracelets that looked like brown leather, with silver! Like what anything can happen! LOL! Rua das Salgadeiras n°6-10, Bairro Alto. 

3. ARTESARIA : memories of Lisbon. Yes, it’s true I don’t like souvenirs, but I can make exceptions (LOL)! Starting with this new boutique of Portuguese craft, where I let go my old obsession for notebooks. Notebooks of all sizes. The smaller ones are 2 euros with very cool covers representing the famous heart of Viana do Castelo, Azuleros etc … And you can choose several as a gift. Rua da Rosa, 14E.

Shopping For Gifts In Lisbon-Embaixada-2-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013Shopping For Gifts In Lisbon-Embaixada-3-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés.  

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Pañpuri: Hand Cream Boxes

Sawaidee Kha! Few years ago, I’ve discovered  Pañpuri in Gaysorn , a luxury mall in Bangkok. This high end brand from Bangkok elaborates organic skin care and body treatment, presented in beautiful packaging. I really do enjoy associating beauty creams with my travels. The chic useful Pañpuri hand cream boxes (picture above), include 3 tubes of cream of 25 ml. There are three different boxes: Rose Absolute Hand Cashmire Cream (with Rose Absolute, Rose Water, Olive, Trehalose), Solitude Luminous Hand & Nail Cream (Marula Oil, Star Fruit, Tamarind) and Come Clean Anti-oxydant Reparative  Hand and Nail Cream (Jasmine, Pomegrenate, Portulaca, Wild Thai Honey). I’ve tested the last one : its light texture, between balm and cream melts  instantly on the skin, gently nourrishing and smoothing it, with a Jasmine perfume.

Sold 27 Euros, those boxes are some lovely gift ideas for the festive season. Yes, already the festive season! All the more so it is for a good cause! Pañpuri participes to international aid fot Thailand and have organized the aid effort, «Helping Hands For Thailand» to help the victims of the floods in Thailand. For any purchase of product including a hand cream @ www.panpuri.fr : in November (2011), 10% of the total amount of the purchase will be donated to the Thai Red Cross. Kop khun kha!

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