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East Sussex, UK: Myerscough & Mairs, The Sophisticated Vintage Shop in Hastings

In Hastings, I selected two shops and one tea room I really liked. The first is: Myerscough & Mairs, a tiny shop  that mixes ancient and modern. A lovely selection of eclectic pieces (like violins) presented in a simple and refined way . The Boho chic with an orientalism touch, made me travel in time. Congratuls to the owners for their impeccable taste! The real pleasant surprise in a small city with too much vintage stores (I was about to make an overdose, I am not a big a vintage fan!).

Myerscough & Mairs : Antique + Modern, 52 High Street, Hastings tn43 3en, Phone: 01424 438695. 

Informations : to go to Hastings by Ferry FDS Seaways de Dunkerque à Douvres, www.norfolkline.com, www.visit1066country.com.   

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Sophie Carrée in Brussels

Today I celebrate my 1001st post on my blog Mademoiselle Le K : Blog-trotter! Cheers ! And I start a new section about decoration! Let’s dicover the refined rock spirit of the big showroom of Sophie Carrée in Brussels. Look like the set of a folk song promo… Thanks to Sophie and her team!

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