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Ski Weekend in Club Med Valmorel

It Snowed the Day Before


Fresh Snow!

A great way to start the year! What a pleasure to bring out my ski outfit! Let’s go to the French Alps for a weekend in Valmorel, a small village of the Tarentaise. The coming back after almost a year! I am euphoric in front of the landscape’s beauty. But also a bit perplexed: am I still able to ski?

Fortunately, no time to procrastinate: I have to pick up my equipment at the Club Med‘s very well organized ski room. Then I join Nicolas, the ESF instructor (with an infinite patience), for an intensive day of skiing. Wow, the weather is fantastic and tracks are empty! My advice, go skiing outside school holidays and / or spring (ideal conditions for beginners)!    

Some of the slopes are lined with fir trees and remind me of Méribel, one of my favorite ski resorts. Here, there is a more intimate vibe as the ski area is smaller. Apart from the sea or ocean, few landscapes can make me as happy as the snow-capped peaks. It’s just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

A Tour in Valmorel

Laid Back Après-Ski

In the early evening, we take the Club Med’s shuttle to the pedestrian village of Valmorel. The perfect timing for an aperitif in one of the village bars, the really cool Jimbo Lolo where I drank a hot Caipirinha (photo above).

At the Maryan bakery, I discuss chocolate with the owner and pastry chef of Celine (Dion)’s wedding cake! Below, the roses of the sands. Then back to Club Med, where we had dinner every night (photo below). 

The View From My Room

Picture above: the view from my bed! The kind of view that makes me get up at dawn to contemplate the landscape for hours. My before and apres-ski moments. 


Picture below: the view from Club Med’s main terrace on the ski slopes!


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Skiing Into Spring, France MontagnesClub Med Valmorel


Many thanks to France Montagnes and Club Med Valmorel for this invitation. As always these are my opinions.

Week-end ski au Club Med Valmorel

Il a neigé la veille


De la neige toute fraîche!

Un grand bol de fraîcheur pour commencer l’année! Quel plaisir de ressortir ma tenue de ski! Direction les Alpes françaises pour un week-end à Valmorel, petit village de Tarentaise. Ce matin, c’est LA reprise après près d’un un an! Euphorique face à la beauté des paysages, je suis un peu perplexe : suis-je encore capable de skier?

Heureusement, pas le temps de tergiverser : je file récupérer mon équipement à la ski room très bien organisée du Club Med. Puis je rejoins Nicolas, moniteur ESF (d’une infinie patience), pour une journée intensive de ski. Yes! Et cerise sur le gâteau, le temps est superbe et les pistes vides! Surtout partez skier hors vacances scolaires et/ou au printemps (conditions idéales pour les débutants)!

Les pistes que nous empruntons, dont certaines bordées de sapins me rappellent Méribel, une de mes stations préférées. Ici peut-être en plus intime comme le domaine skiable est plus petit. Hormis la mer ou l’océan, peu de paysages arrivent à me rendre aussi heureuse que les sommets enneigés. C’est juste b-e-a-u!

Un tour dans Valmorel

L’après-ski relax

En début de soirée, nous prenons la navette du Club Med vers le village piéton de Valmorel. Le timing idéal pour un apéro dans un des bars du village, le Jimbo Lolo très sympa, où j’ai bu une Caipirinha chaude (photo ci-dessus).

A la pâtisserie boulangerie Maryan, je discute chocolat avec le propriétaire et pâtissier du gâteau de mariage de Céline (Dion)! Ci-dessous, des roses des sables. Puis retour au Club Med, où nous avons dîné tous les soirs (photo ci-dessous).

La vue de ma chambre

Photo ci-dessus : la vue depuis mon lit! Le genre de vue qui me fait me lever aux aurores pour contempler le paysage pendant des heures. Mes avant et après-ski moments. Nul besoin d’une appli pour méditer!


Photo ci-dessous : la vue depuis la terrasse principale du Club Med sur les pistes de ski. Planant!


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Le Printemps du Ski, France MontagnesClub Med Valmorel


Merci à France Montagnes et au Club Med Valmorel pour cette très agréable invitation. Comme toujours ce sont mes opinions.

I Tested Air Seychelles Business Class

Long Break At The Lounge First & Business Class

After many adventures on my Brussels-Paris route, here I am at Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris, France), where I take my flight to Mahé on Air Seychelles! Awesome, isn’t it? After the checked-in and customs, I head towards the Air Seychelles First & Business Class Lounge which is the Etihad’s one (Photo 1 on the above photomontage).

The Lounge’s entrance is in the center of the posh part of the terminal, between the beautiful shops of Hermès (2), Dior, Prada, Gucci, Ladurée etc … The space is divided in a restaurant with a buffet and small comfortable lounges (photos below). Very soon, I was offered a snack. The perfect spot to work on computer.


Ready For a 10-Hour Flight

My long legs say thank you!

Ideally seated in the first seat of the first row, window side, I am pleasantly surprised by the large space in the Air Seychelles Business class. Three portholes just for me and some sega (music of the Indian Ocean) as a sound illustration in the cabin! Quickly, I sympathize with my neighbor, Lisa, a young lady from the Seychelles. And we take off. 

A la carte Dinner

At our request, soon after the take-off, the hostess who looks after Lisa and I, serves our meals in a table service decorated with a stylized design of Coco de mer (the famous fruit of Seychelles endemic palm tree).

I chose steamed shrimps as a starter, then a fish with steamed vegetables (sorry, I forgot to take the picture) and as a dessert (absolutely not reasonable), a rich chocolate tart (above photomontage). Everything was good and the service discreet and efficient. 

Good Night!

Easy-Peasy Wake-up

As always I didn’t sleep the day before and I am exhausted! Once the dinner is over, I simply collapse! No film, no chat, nothing … I pick up the useful Air Seychelles travel pouch to brush my teeth and moisturize my skin. I like disposable toothbrush with mini toothpast tube (above photomontage)! Then I slide my seat into bed position for a short night’s sleep: good night everyone!

As soon as I woke-up, the hostess serves me this gargantuan breakfast (below picture)! White beans in sauce, potatoes and bacon in the morning: an absolute no-no for me, LOL! But everything else was delicious. And most of all I feel rested. 

Welcome To Mahe


Beautiful Light

Hi Indian Ocean, I’m back! Yes, it’s been a while since we saw each other! This is my first time in the Seychelles, but I already dived in the Maldives. Guess what, this Paris-Mahé flight was so fast! Now, let’s the discovery begins! I can’t wait to land, get out of the plane and jump in the first ferry to Praslin! To be continued…

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Air SeychellesSeychelles Tourism Board

Dear Belgian travelers, you can fly with Air Seychelles from the airports of Charles de Gaulle (France) or Dusseldorf (Germany). The flights are direct to the Seychelles.


Many thanks to Air Seychelles and the Seychelles Tourism Board for this beautiful invitation. As always, these are my opinions.