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Berlin, Germany: Alexanderplatz, A Little Shop & Communist Remains

Why going to Alexanderplatz?

For its architectural remains of the communist era. See how the architecture of the late sixties (even restaured) remains an absolute ugliness! It’s so ugly that it could lead to a kind of aesthetic which reminds me of the excellent German film Good bye Lenin by Wolfgang Becker with Daniel Brühl! 

Picture below: The Urania-Weltzeituhr, the universal clock dating from 1969. You can also go there for very practical reasons: the Park Inn (hotel opened in 1970!), The Kaufhof Galeria department store (for his food center), near the quaint streets of the trendy Mitte.

And the little souvenir gift shop, Aus Berlin: Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 17, open from 10am to 10pm (pictured above).

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Berlin, Allemagne: Alexanderplatz, une boutique et des vestiges communistes

Pourquoi se rendre à l’Alexanderplatz?

Pour ses vestiges architecturaux de l’ère communiste. Constater combien cette architecture de la fin des années soixante (même réstaurée) reste d’une laideur absolue! C’est tellement laid que ça peut déboucher sur une forme d’esthétique qui revue et “stylisée”, me fait penser à l’excellent film allemand Good bye Lenine de Wolfgang Becker avec Daniel Brühl!

Photo ci-dessous : L’Urania-Weltzeituhr, l’horloge universelle qui date de 1969. On s’y rend aussi pour des raisons très pratiques : l’hôtel Park Inn (inauguré en 1970!), le grand magasin Kaufhof Galeria (pour son food center), la proximité des agréables rues du Mitte tendance.

Et par réaction à tout ce gigantisme de masse, une petite boutique à souvenirs branchouilles, Aus Berlin : Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 17, ouvert de 10h à 20h (photo ci-dessus).

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La Kryptonite Nella Borsa, of Ivan Cotroneo

With the Brussels Film Festival which ends tonight, I reconnected with the Italian cinema, or movies linked with Italy like To Rome With Love of Woody Allen. So I watched The Kryptnotite nella borsa of Ivan Cotroneo, with Valeria Golino. She’s been more and more beautiful (true) as an actress since Respiro. The pitch: each family has its secrets, some of them are funnier than the others. I liked the lightness of the narrative, broken by serious moments and the fatalistic vision of life, a kind of optimism. The southern Italian accent and the discovery of a Neapolitan underground of 70s (very cliche). Some great pictures, such as the black umbrellas at the funeral and the modest happy end. A lovely movie for everyone (me included) fed up with the depressive European cinema! Oops I forgot the soundtrack of the movie, including one of my favorite songs: These Shoes Are Made For Walkin ‘(but I prefer the Tigerman’s version).

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