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My Summer Beauty Routine: Face & Body Care

My-Summer-Beauty-Routine-Face-Uriage-Janssen Cosmetics-Nuxe-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Face: Water, Milk, Toner & Creams

Perfect for summer travel: the Eau Micellaire Thermale (Thermal Micellar Water) of Uriage gently cleanses and removes my very sensitive combination skin, providing a feeling of freshness. I put it in the fridge to multiply that feeling! 

As my dermatologist prefers that I use a cleansing milk with a tonic, I also use the Nuxe Comforting Cleansing Milk and Gentle Tonic Lotion with rose petals. A caress for the skin! The Comforting Cleansing Milk doesn’t irritate the eyes. 

For care, I’m minimalist in summer. In the morning, I apply the excellent Skin Contour Cream of Janssen Cosmetics, a German brand I discovered recently. Nourishing and very pleasant texture, it smoothes the skin and brightens the complexion. I also like its discreet perfume. 

Before going to bed in the evening, I use the Nuxe Nuxellence Detox to repair/prevent the harmful effects of the sun on my skin. As always with Nuxe cosmetics, the smell and texture are fantastic! I love sun, sea and outdoor cafes and no way to deprive me of these, even though I avoid the hottest hours. So before and after sun exposure, I treat my skin, to heal, moisturize and nourish it!

My-Summer-Beauty-Routine-Body-Collistar-Rituals-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Body: Scrub and Cleasing Gel, Foam and Balm

For taking a shower twice a day without stripping my skin, here are some the products added in my suitcase! The Rituals Wai Wang is an exfoliating body scrub made with organic White Lotus, Yi yi ren (a cereal) and really fine particles of organic Bamboo. I apply the scrub to damp skin in very light massage, then I rinse with cold water to amplify the freshness feeling. 

As you may know, I’m a fan of the Rituals shower foams, including the Zensation Foaming Shower Gel Sensation with organic rice milk and cherry blossom, has an incredible good scent! 

Finally I discovered the famous italian brand Collistar! Two products especially for beach: the Moisturizing restoring after sun body balm in the shower. This balm cleans, moisturizes, firms and refreshes, amazing! And the After sun shower-shampoo moisturizing restorative for all those who wish to keep their holiday tanning back home.

My-Summer-Beauty-Routine-Body-Rituals-Weleda-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Body: Oil & Creams

I really enjoy natural oils and I’ve been addicted to Weleda body oils for months! This time, I really liked the 100% natural Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil that activates cell renewal. A blessing for my skin! And the pomegranate fragrance is awesome! I apply the oil all over the body, just after the shower on damp skin with circular massages from bottom to top and then I rinse with cold water. Tonic effect and good mood guaranteed! As it contains essential oils, I use it in the evening only to avoid skin reaction in the sun (photosensitizing).

I sometimes change by applying the velvety cream, Mandi Lulur of Rituals, that contains rice milk and frangipani fragrance. 

I am obsessed with feet. What a pleasure in summer to let them breathe! But often they overheat with friction. So in the evening, So in the evening, I refresh them with a jet of cold water, or I plunge them into a tub of water filled with ice. And then I apply the Rituals Tao Loa Tze Cooling foot balm, with China mint and Yi yi ren. And the feet are soothed and fed. 

For hands, I always have with me the Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret cream with ginseng and ginko biloba. The nourishing light texture softens my hands. I really like its discreet perfume too.

My-Summer-Beauty-Routine-Face-Body-Sunscreen-Uriage-Collistar-Weleda-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Specific Care and Suncare

Recently I use ultra concentrated serum, Pure actives collagen + hyaluronic acid of Collistar, to prevent sun damage on the décolleté and breasts. With its high performance ingredients, I find this serum full of promise, but I can’t tell you more now, I’ve just started. I will update the article in a few weeks. 

My darling sunblock is the Uriage Bariésun Stick SPF50 + that I apply on the face (no ugly white layer), décolleté or hands. Super practical and hygienic, I slip into a pocket, it weighs nothing! 

Usually I don’t use an after-sun care on face. But conquered by the Bariésun Stick SPF50 +, I tested the Bariésun Soothing Cream After Sun after a long exposure to the sun. And guess what? It really calmed and deeply moisturized my skin. 

Last and not the least! I decided to get back to sport (yes I know I say it often !!!). 10 000 resolutions later: a bit of running, hiking and a Bikram yoga class (yep). So for dealing with aches, my miracle product is the Weleda Arnica Massage Oil

Do you use these products? If yes I’d really like to know your opinion! And what is your summer beauty routine? I enjoy discovering new products!

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Caudalie: The Vinexpert Regimen For Skin Lacking Vitality

It began more and less one month ago

at the Caudalie Vinexpert line‘s ten years celebration. Do I really need to repeat today’s anti-aging is for any women: from mature women fighting against wrinkles to the youngest loosing firmness after a drastic diet ? Every women, you and me, mom… Seduced by the packaging, few days later I decided to test the famous Resveratrol patented and stabilized by Caudalie (named “the best anti-ageing molecule” by Harvard’s Department of Medicine”, “Thanks to Resveratrol, the wine is able to renew itself several centuries“,  Caudalie). 

The first days, I didn’t pay attention to the draws inside box. Too bad, those draws explain how using the serums (1 & 2) and the creams (3 & 4). Industrious, I stick the draws on a thick sheet I bring with me to the bathroom to memorise the right gesture of each product!

Following this order, every moorning and night, I apply the Vinexpert Firming serum (1) that contains the most Resveratrol concentration. Then the Vinexpert Anti-aging serum eyes and lips perfectly moisturizes my higly sensitive eyelid contour. The  two serums have a pleasant light texture, absolutely not sticky.

As a day cream, I use Vinexpert Radiance day fluid SPF10 (3). The fluid texture penetrates really quickly and matifies my complexion, protecting the skin with a SPF10. After few weeks, it makes my pores of skin smaller and brighten my complexion all day long. Recently I’ve really noticed it! 

And  the best for last :  the Vinexpert Night infusion cream (4) is my bless cream I love to apply each night. Its amazing thick texture nourrishes and regenates my skin. My “hug” cream that smoothes and relaxes my features. For one month my skin’s completely changed, most of my spots have been reduced to match skin’s natural, overall tone. Toner, my outline of the face has a better shap. Repeating the same gesture twice a day is like a firming draining massage to the skin.

The Vinexpert regiment is my best beauty surprise after the summer holidays. Cause I’m not the kind to trust anti-aging creams! And when I started testing the products, I didn’t expect more than a good moisturazing! For ending I do love the very discret scent of Caudalie’s products and the fact they don’t have parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial colorings, mineral oils… No testing on animals. And they are non-comedogenic. “What else?”.



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Nickel, Paris: Face Treatments For Men

Gentlemen, I’d really like to make you discover

those serious face treatments, with great funny names! A early thirties friend’s told me about Nickel few months ago, as: The best label. I’ve discovered it in the French magazine for men, Optimum. Efficient products for us, without too much blablabla…”.

True, considering the name of products: “Bonne Gueule “ (Good Face), the moisturizer. “Moorning After Rescue Gel” (in French “Lendemain de Fête” literately means “Moorning after partying”): to have a good complexion. “Fire Insurance”: the after shave cream! And “Super Clean”: the scrubbing gel.

So I ask five friends (from 20 to 37) to test those products. And the younger as the older wanted to have the same: a clean and comfortable skin and don’t look tired. Afraid to age? Cool, the stress has gained our male friends.

And the winner is the “Moorning After Rescue Gel “ all of them found it great! Just one problem: the “expensive price” I quote. For us, the ladies: if those skin cares can help you gentlemen, not to take our very very expensive specific super efficient creams, so we do love Nickel too!

Don’t we say somewhere in a Disney harem: an immaculate clean man’s worth three, do we? Mmm I guess: a well-manner and nicely shod and  immaculate and clean gentleman’s worth two… No: three! You’ve been warned!  

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