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My Winter Beauty Routine

Step 1 : Cleansing & Moisturizing

For over a month, I have been testing a new beauty routine, with the French brands Quiriness (sensory and spa-based), Novexpert (cosmetics devlopped with 100% natural ingredients) and Cattier (organic and sustainable). 

My focus for this season is : fighting against cold, dehydration, sagging skin and lack of radiance. Let’s start with cleansing and moisturizing. Morning and evening, I use on my face, neck and décollete: 

1. The Uriage 1st Cleansing Oil. Light, very pleasant and ultra soft for my skin more sensitive and reactive in winter. It foams in contact with water and leaves after rinsing a discreet film that softens the skin.

2. Then I apply the Quiriness Lotion Tonique Exquise (Gold Softening Toning Lotion) with the fingertips in generous quantities. Its velvety watery texture with iridescent reflections offers a great feeling of freshness! And I massage or tap my face, neck and décollete to penetrate the lotion.

3. To end this step, I spray the Novexpert Brume Magnésium (magnesium mist) that I tap, to wake up and activate my skin and blood circulation. This haze is a treat! I do not hesitate to spray again before applying my second serum, day cream or oil. 

Step 2 : Day Serums

No beauty routine without serum, thank you (lol)!

Every morning, I start with the Quiriness Anti-Aging Serum, Elixir Temps Précieux (Perfect Lifting Essence) which contains the superstar ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, but also Microencapsulated Retinol, Peptites, Seaweed, Grape seeds, Cotton oil … Very very nice on the skin: the lovely creamy texture surprised me a little at first, because I got used to watery serums.

To fight against oxidation (especially due to pollution) and have a radiant complexion, I add a pump of the Novexpert Booster à la Vitamine C. This 100% biodegradable serum contains collagen and 25% vitamin C, the daily dose to protect the skin against free radicals (according to Truecos).






Step 3 : Day and Eye Creams

Morning and evening, I apply a pump (for both sides) of Novexpert Contour des Yeux Anti-âge Expert which is really effective! After each application, I’ve noticed that my (slightly darker) dark circles under eyes disappear. The magic happens thanks to nacres that reflect the light. And best of all, the cream moisturizes and nourishes this very fragile area, without irritating my eyes. 

I finish my morning beauty routine with Quiriness Caresse Temps Précieux (Perfect Repair Cream). Dream texture with a very discreet scent: the comforting gesture to start the day! It gives a luminous velvety smooth finish to my skin.








Step 4 : Night Treatment

I do this after the same cleansing and moisturizing step than in the morning.

If I need to remove makeup : before the cleanser, I apply a greasy substance (a vegetable oil of olive or musky rose) that I mass on the neck, face and eyes. Then I remove it with cottons rinsed with hot water and wrung out. Much less aggressive than a micellar water.

In the evening, I deeply moisterize my skin with Novexpert Sérum Booster à l’acide hyaluronique. This serum is the most concentrated hyaluronic acid in Europe. It offers the equivalent of 20 injections of hyaluronic acid (according to Truecos). Its gelled texture is a bit sticky but penetrates very quickly.

I optimise with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+. It become one of my basic. A pot lasts me up to 5-6 months!

Last beauty gesture of my winter routine, I apply an organic vegetable oil by specific massages on the décolleté, neck and face. I change the oils according to their properties.




My Face Body and Hair Must Have

Dear shea butter! Organic, alone or mixed with other products (like organic vegetable oils), multifunction (make-up remover, face and body cream, or moisturizer for super dry hair)! At the moment, the odorless shea butter of  Cattier suits me very well.

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.

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Bobbi Brown: Eyes & Lips Make-up

Following my post about ,

now Bas Hokke, Bobbi Brown National Marke-up Artist Benelux, shows me how to make-up my eyes and lips. I’ve never imagined for a natural make-up that a pink (!) could gloss fits me.

But the product I really like is Lip Balm SPF15 : a stonished nourrishing comfortable and really sexy balm (picture above, step 6). I don’t need more on my lips. Step 8 : Bas applies the left eyeshadow (1) on all the eyelid. I really like it, cause my eye looked like smaller and perfectely shaped. The second eyeshadow was applied on the lower lid.

Step 9 & 10 : then Bas applies the eyeliner Caviar with a thin brush, before the Lash Glamour mascara. I love the glem names of these two products : so me! The finish was very natural and my friends love it! Sounds a bit like I was super ugly before (lol)! Understand why I hate make-up!!!

If you don’t know “how to” use make-up, run baby run to a  Bobbi Brown studio! The BobbiBrownMakeUpLessons_ENG are free and by appoitement only.

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Bobbi Brown: How to make a perfect complexion

If I tell you I’m a dummy in make-up,

a very lazy girlsh hates bad skins hidden tacky make-up! I’ve always been (a bit) suspicious about make-up (lol)! That why I bravely decided  to have an appointement @ the Bobbi Brown studio for testing a great “naturel” complexion.

I meet Bas Hokke (last picture), stainless steel blue eyes and National Marke-up Artist Benelux. Before taking care of my complexion, he explains me : “Here we look first at the great parts of a face to show off them. We don’t focuss to the less nice parts and we don’t want to hide or change them. We provide individual free Make-up Lessons ( by R.V.), to learn women how to make-up and to help them to choice the right colors and products. Each lesson is dedicated to a specific purpose: complexion, lips, eyes“. 

So let’s start the “the perfect natural complexion”! Each step is illustrated by pictures of the products Bas used for my skin. Step 1 : absolut must do, the cleansing. These gentle products can be used by sensitive skins. Ingredients are natural, paraben free and hypollergenic.I really like the light nourrishing texture of the Hydrating Eye Cream (3).

Step 2 : First we choice for the corrector and concelear, the colors that perfectly matches with my skin tone. In my case, I need two different colours : one a little bit lighter than my skin for the corrector (1). And one a little bit darker than the corrector for the concelear (2). Bas recommends me to use brushes to apply less quantity of products. The texture penetrates better and more uniformly.

Step 3 : To find the right foundation colour, Bas applies two shades of the Touch Up Stick. On s’appercoit que la nuance la plus claire grise le teint. On n’oublie pas d’appliquer une protection solaire après la crème hydratante et avant le maquillage.

Step 4 : apply a very few amount of powder, Bobbi Brown thinks that a nice looking healthy skin shines a little bit. And I also think when my skin is too mate, it misses brightness.

You can add a step 5 : for the blush. But me I’m not found of. Bas choose for me a colour that reminds the pink of my lips. And we’ve done with the natural perfect complexion steps : I’m supposed to do it @ home in 20 minutes.

Honestely I haven’t tried yet! But I can tell you the result is WOW! You discover yourself natural, with a little twist that makes the difference! unfortunately I don’t have nay picture : the complexion is better with a natural light. Thanks Bas!

Follow-me tomorrow, for the lips and eyes Bobbi Brown Make-up Lessons! 

Informations : Bobbi Brown, 11 A rue Dansaert, Brussels, Phone : 02 346 89 62.

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