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Zagreb, Croatia: Museum of Broken Relationships

Croatia-Zagreb-Museum of Broken Relationships-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013

One day in Zagreb

and I don’t have time for several museums, if I want to take the pulse of the city! I want to visit one truly unique museum, the confidential brand new Museum of Broken Relashionships. Let’s talk about heartbrokens, lol! So if you also have a very limited time in the city, it’s THE museum that everyone should experience!

A gem of humor (sometimes ironic) about a disappointed romantic relationships. Who can pretend having never been disillusioned with an ex? You can even see the wedding album of an happy ex, donated to the museum (wow!). The concept is fantastic and  “Get lucky” (ie. Daft Punk). First, you send an object that “represents” your broken relationship. The object must be accompanied by an explanatory legend. Then the objects and stories that passed the selection, are exposed. The exhibition spaces are stunning in a renovated historic building.

Croatia-Zagreb-Museum of Broken Relationships-3-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Croatia-Zagreb-Museum of Broken Relationships-2-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013

Some objects detonate and surprise

(pictures 5 and 6). Reading some stories, lots of fun. Most protagonists whose purpose is breaking presentation, has a lot of humor (pictures 4 and 7)! Between another contemporary art museum showing very pretentious works (often disappointing, if not confusing) and this fresh intimate museum full of self-mockery: do not hesitate! 

And I am not sponsored by the museum, it’s just a real nice surprise as I enjoy them! I had a tremendous moment there. And to extend the stealth and pleasurable moment of the “revenge“, check the small museum boutique. Picture 1: an irresistible chocolate to offer to the one who deserve it, LOL! Lucky you!                        

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 


Zagreb Tourist Board www.visitcroatia.be

Discover my whole trip in the CROATIA page and follow my TWITTER. ENJOY! I was hosted by the Office National Croate du Tourisme and all my opinions are mine.

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Back To London in The Eurostar Standard Premier

I tested the Eurostar Standard Premier Class

Yep I’m back to the real things, back to the blog, I’ve missed you! Fashion weeks go by and I’ve been back and forth: no time to post. But let’s start with a nice surprise I had for my last round trip to London. I tested the Eurostar Standard Premier Class. It’s always nice to travel with a heavy camera equipment in a more comfortable class than the Standard one.

Arrived at the station 30 minutes before – I was panic cause I forgot to print my tickets (!), I passed the check in and customs and I directly went to the train: no waiting! The cabin seemed smaller and more airy than in Standard: finally I have space for my legs! Great choice of magazines: Wallpaper, Condé Nast Traveller, Jalouse … which is something to keep busy my hyperactive person  for a good part of the journey. Followed by a snack (attentive service) and already the Channel Tunnel!

The trip lasted 2 hours, the time of a traffic jam during peak hours (LOL!). Arrived in London St Pancras “fresh as a roach” (French way to say super fresh), I go to recharge my Oyster card (which is the London transportation card). I am now in less than 10 minutes on the Piccadilly Line, 4 stops from my hotel, SO great!

The good tip for anyone who travels two and more: Eurostar Plus. Upon presentation of the Eurostar ticket, you can receive 2 tickets for the price of one in eight of the largest museums in London. Interesting: many exhibitions in spring, like the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective at the Tate and the Bowie resptrospective at the Victoria & Albert Museum (“Fa-fa-fa-fashion! Beep-Beep”).  

Photo : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés.



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Bordeaux, France: The CAPC, Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux

Second stage of my Bordeaux trip : the CAPC. The contemporary museum of Bordeaux is located in the Entrepôt Lainé building (1824), in the Chartrons area (on the wharves). I really wanted to see  the exhibition of Shimabuku (picture 2), “On the water” (till May 6, 2012). There is a lot of humour in the work of this Japanese artist (so rare in the contemporary art… more often supa boring!). Then I discovered some pearls of the master Christian Boltanski (picture below). And the icing on the cake : a mural painting of Keith Harring from 1985 (pictures 3 and 4) hidden by an industrial lift! I stop by the  Café Andrée Putman, a cosy roof-top terrace. The famous interior designer, Andrée Putman contributed to  the layout of the interior of the museum. So if you enjoy history (this massive building used to be the colonial foods warehouse), architecture (redevelopment by Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, between 1979 and 1990), interor design and of course, contemporary art : you must go to the CAPC! Defenitely ! Getting outside, I went to the Hôtel Seeko’o (that means in inuit “igloo”), famous for its facade in cioran (last picture), designed in  2007 by the French King Kong architecture studio. But I did not like the interior. Ready for the next stop?

Infos : The CAPC, Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux, www.rosab.net, www.capc-bordeaux.fr 

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