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The Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel

On My Way To The Airport

I have to be at Brussels airport at 4:30 am (great!). I won’t sacrifice hours of a precious sleep and start my journey exhausted! That’s why I decided to test the airport hotel option, to benefit from a real night’s sleep.

I leave the center of Brussels (picture 1 of the photo montage below) for the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, located opposite the entrance gates of the Departures of the airport. Five minutes walk to the check-in counter of my flight! 

The Club Room

On the fifth floor,

Club rooms provide access to the Club Lounge. I am nicely surprised when I enter my renovated 20-25 m² room thought in a very practical way, to meet the needs of both business and leisure travelers.

Very efficient double glazing (no sound from the outside), several electrical outlets scattered throughout the room, free wifi and Evian mini bottles.

I woke up at 4 a.m. I feel rested, despite the fact that I have slept few hours. The bedding is impeccable and the new bathroom is very clean. And I really liked the Galler chocolates with the draw of Geluck’s comics hero, Le Chat (photo below). It’s really Belgian sense of humour.

The Club Lounge

To Combine Usefulness With Pleasure

The Club Lounge is a space for work and relaxation, with drinks and snacks. Two computers and a printer are also available, as well as several national and international daily and magazines.

The Breakfast Corner

4:30 a.m.

I am a little bit late. As the breakfast restaurant opens at 5 a.m., I stop to pick up a fresh croissant on a buffet converted into a breakfast corner in the entrance of the hotel.

The hotel staff is very smiling and professional. While I wrap the croissant in a paper towel to eat it later, the receptionist brings me a full breakfast in a bag especially prepared for me. But I can’t take it away for it would be thrown by the customs.

I leave the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel delighted with the experience. What a pleasure to come zen and rested (without the stress of the taxi) at the check-in! When my fellow travellers look like The Walking Dead’s zombies! LOL! Sorry guys ; )

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel


Many thanks to the team of the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel for this lovely invitation. As always these are my opinions.

Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel

En route pour l’aéroport

Je dois être à l’aéroport de Bruxelles-Zaventem à 4h30 du matin (génial!). Cette fois, pas question de sacrifier les heures d’un précieux sommeil que je paierai pendant mon court et intense séjour à l’étranger.

Aussi j’ai décidé de tester l’option hôtel d’aéroport, pour bénéficier d’une vraie nuit de sommeil. Je quitte le centre de Bruxelles (photo 1 du photo montage ci-dessous) pour le Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, situé face aux portes d’entrée des Départs de l’aéroport. Compter cinq minutes à pied pour gagner le comptoir d’enregistrement de mon vol!

La chambre Club

Au cinquième étage,

les chambres Club permettent d’accéder au Club Lounge. Bonne surprise en entrant dans ma chambre rénovée de 20-25 m² et pensée de manière très pratique, pour répondre aux besoins des voyageurs tant d’affaires que loisirs.

A commencer par le double vitrage très efficace (aucun son de l’extérieur ne filtre), plusieurs prises électriques disséminées dans la pièce, le wifi et des mini bouteille d’Evian gratuits.

Réveil à 4h : je me sens reposée, en dépit du fait que j’ai peu dormi. La literie est impeccable et la salle de bain neuve est très propre. L’attention sympathique : des chocolats Galler à l’effigie du Chat de Geluck (photo ci-dessous). Belgitude.

Le Club Lounge

Pour joindre l’utile à l’agréable

A la fois propice au travail et à la détente, cet espace-salon offre des boissons et des collations. Deux ordinateurs et une imprimante sont aussi à disposition, ainsi que plusieurs titres de la presse nationale et internationale. 

Le coin petit déjeuner

4h30 du matin

J’ai un léger retard. Comme le restaurant du petit déjeuner ouvre à 5h du matin, je m’arrête 30 secondes, pour prendre un croissant frais dans l’entrée de l’hôtel, sur un buffet transformé en coin “petit déjeuner express”.

L’équipe de l’hôtel est très souriante et professionnelle. Tandis que j’enveloppe le croissant dans une serviette en papier pour le manger plus tard, le réceptionniste m’apporte un petit déjeuner complet dans un sac, préparé pour moi. Impossible de l’emmener, car il serait jeté à la douane.

Je quitte le Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, ravie de l’expérience. Quoi de plus agréable que d’arriver zen et reposée (sans le stress du taxi) à l’enregistrement du vol. Quand les autres voyageurs ressemblent à une horde de zombies, tout droits sortis d’un épisode de The Walking Dead! LOL!

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel


Un grand merci à toute l’équipe du Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel pour cette agréable invitation. Comme toujours ce sont mes opinions.

Switzerland, Graubünden: Skiing & Scenery (Days 3 & 4)

Skiing From Lenzerheide To Arosa


A Very Changing Weather

After an evening skiing until 11 pm, this morning the alarm clock is a beat too “harsh”! Back with my instructor on Lenzerheide‘s slopes in the direction of Arosa … if the weather allows us! I really like in Switzerland the bus stops at ski lifts scattered in nature! Everything is thought for skiing, the mountain is a real lifestyle!

I begin the crossing by the discovery of the T-bar tow! It is for two persons and you have to place a T-shaped bar under the buttocks. You don’t sit, but legs are slightly bent and skis must remain parallel. Pretty impressive, but very nice too! And you really can enjoy the beautiful scenery!

On arrival, we are in front of with this small structure (photo 1 below), where a friendly man checks our ski pass. Then we take this track surrounded by giant pines (2) which leads us to more difficult tracks. Later, we are supposed to take a cable car to cross the pass that allows to reach Arosa.

Too much wind, the cable car is temporarily closed: we have to wait in a restaurant of altitude (3) … in vain. The weather gets worse and we have to go down back to the foot of the slopes. We will have lunch with the rest of our small group! The issue, we are at the top of the slopes for experienced skiers (when I am a beginner!). Imagine the incline and worse, I’m tired! Finally (!) we arrive at the restaurant and I order a salad (4).

The hope: the weather improves and this time we go up with different cable cars to be sure to be able to cross the pass for Arosa. At the top, the weather changes again between blue skies, clouds and violent wind (photos above and below).



Arosa, Here We Are!

Awesome Views In Late Afternoon

I took the cable car with two British friends, to get down to the Arosa station. While the other three decided to arrive in ski and snowboard. Once all together, we head to the hotel, where our luggage (transported by taxi) await us. Great organization and  panoramic view from my room (the last two photos below).

On the picture montage: 1, selfie in the kitsch corridors of the Sunstar Alpine Hotel, before a very lively dinner where we laughed a lot! 2, the next morning, fantastic view of the Alps from Mount Weisshorn. 3, Mural painting of the Weisshorngipfelrestaurant. And 4. On the train to Zurich airport.

Buure Z’Morga At Mount Weisshorn

Woke Up At Dawn

We take the first cable car at 8:20 am for a delicious Buure Z’Morga (huge “farmer breakfast”) in the panoramic restaurant Weisshorngipfelrestaurant at 2653 meters above sea level! We are the first customers in the nice minimalist interior design. The brunch is excellent with local specialties (including cheeses and breads). The view of the Alps at dawn is breathtaking (photos above and below)! 



Back To Zurich By Train


It snows

Yes it is, as every time I leave a ski resort (like a magical ritual, lol)! After a quick stop at the hotel to change us and retrieve our luggage, we take the famous red train from Arosa to Chur. Then another kind of trains from Chur to Zurich airport. The mood is contemplative, gorgeous landscapes! Bye bye intimate Graubünden, I will be back!





Photos & Vidéos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


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Many thanks to the Graubünden Ferien, Lenzerhaide, Arosa, Switzerland Tourism, SWISS and Swiss Travel System (STS) for this beautiful invitation. As always, these are my opinions.