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My Skiing Skin Care

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Morning & Night

I oversimplified my beauty routine for skiing (and the city). I wasn’t in a beautysta mood and wanted to travel light too. For several months, I am not siciplined for food, sports and beauty.

And it is regularity that makes difference! Conclusion fewer products and less beauty tests (and less discoveries too), but a more selective vanity box. Don’t worry I feel that with the rise of spring, my beautista will wake up soon …

Let’s start with the make-up removal and cleansing. 1. The Karité Brume Confort of L’Occitane (L’Occitane Comfort Shea Mist) without alchool. I use it all times and especially when I feel my skin skirmish. My first step in the morning to moisturize my skin dried by the heating. 

2. The Uriage Thermal Micellar Water is a very good travel product that softly cleans and removes very well. When I am at home, I use it alternates with oils and milks (I have a very sensitive skin).

3. My favorite: Weleda Refining Toner. This natural cosmetic with witch hazel and rose hip soothes and invigorates the skin. At first as I was afraid of a reaction to the essential oils, I only applied it at night. But I have made no reaction. Excellent product that leaves the skin smooth.

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Serums & Cream

My other favorite is Nuxe Nuxellence – Youth & Radiance Revealing Fluid (2) : my “looks good” face cream with Passiflora flower. When I don’t use it, my complexion is duller. I love the cream texture and very discret perfume. When traveling, I use it morning and night.

I’ve also taken to the ski the Evocure Anti Age EGF Serum and Evocure Eye Care Serum(1) : with “composition of advanced active principles encapsulated in hyaluronic acid allows it to penetrate deeply in the skin to stimulate natural synthesis of collagen and cell repair” (Evocure).

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Forgetting The Beautiful Curls

I have frizzy hair (2). The dry air of mountains can be an ally. But with the helmet (to ski), beanie and heating, I have to attach my hair all the time. And use more super moisturizing care, because they are drier and more brittle than in town.

I complete my hydration with the Nectar d’Huiles Végétales HydraR’Force of Farida b (1).  I alternate with two other creams of the HydraR’Force range (4) : the Crème Fluide Hydratante de Jour (not effective on my hair) and excellent Baume Végétal Nourrissant. I heat its grainy texture in the hands before applying it to the hair.

Photo 3 in my mini bag for skiing: A. I don’t go without applying my star product, the sunblock Uriage Bariésun Stick SPF50+. Hygienic and easy to apply. B. My sunglasses. C. A stick to nourish lips and kleenex. D. My ski pass! E. A mini notebook and pen: who knows if I have a great idea while skiing? (LOL)! And F. A hypster beanie, not so useful under the helmet!

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-3-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Fragrances & Nail Polish  

I love fragrances! Fidele to Estée Lauder: I really fell for her Modern Muse Le Rouge (1), based on roses and fruits. I find it both light, fresh, heady, modern and really feminine.

2. Hermès Le Jardin de Monsieur Li : this shower gel has a subtle classy fragrance and leaves the skin very soft! 3. The pleasure of bathing in an outdoor swimming pool in a snowy setting at Le Tremplin Méribel. 4. Some red red: the Hema Long Lasting Rouge.

What are your beauty products for ski holidays? I am very curious, it’s always a pleasure to discover new products, so feel free to leave a comment or sent me an email.

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


Phytospecific: The Perfect Home Treatment



After a complete diagnostic at Univers Phyto, I’ve received my prescription of 4… in fact 5 products!

If you’ve already known how difficult it is taking care of fragile dry hair, you’ll agree to get a shiny beautiful hair : first we need to find great hair products! In a previous post, I wrote about my haute couture relaxer experience in the Univers Phyto (in Paris).

Since then, I’ve started my second month of daily PHYTOSPECIFIC hair treatment at home (picture above). And like in the eighties tacky ads that make us smile : jumping in a taxi, the cab driver made me compliments for my “beautiful” hair, I was totally amazed! 

Each morning, I apply a dollop of the Moisturizing Styling Ceam, with Quinoa oil (1). 

Its texture is both rich and light that quickly feeds my hair, leaving a shiny look and a nice discret scent. So far away from cheap hair treatments! What a great pleasure to have a shiny hair not greasy! To run my hands through my hair ungreasy and unsticky at touch.

Once a week, I boost my hair with the Revitalizing Oil, with Castor Oil (2). If you ‘ve already known the thick awfull texture of the Castor Oil, you will be very surprided by the fluidity of the Revitalizing Oil. In the week-end, I wrap my hair with oil in a hot towel wrung out and leave it all day long. 

Then I rinse and make the Deep Restructuring Shampoo, with Methiosil and Sea Lavander (3).

To be honest, it’s the only one product I’m not crazy about it. But it gently cleans. So quickly I apply and enjoy my favourite product, the Deep Restructuring Balm, with Methiosil and Sea Lavander! Amazing perfume, peach-coloured and creamy texture : a perfect balm to be applied generously. 

I keep it one hour and when I rinse, my hair is silky, with big lustrous curls and waves. Absolutely beautiful! I don’t apply anything else and let my hair dry naturally. I tie my hair not very tightly, avoiding to make a brushing or to use a straightening iron (I never use it at home)!

And the hidden fifth element is the Ultra-Repair Night Treatment, with Amino Acids Hairspheres,

to apply 2 or 3 times a week. Same texture as the  Moisturizing Styling Ceam that nourrishes hair at night. When I wake up, my hair is very sweet and easy to style. For me PHYTOSPECIFIC hair treatment is really efficient and I enjoy using it.

Pleasure makes the regularity of the everyday care. First you might think, it’s too much work. Wrong, it’s relly quiclky to apply products and quickly the gesture becomes a – good – habit, thanks to results you can see and touch. Smoother my hair breaks less, with a natural shine.

This is a refine treatment hair for curly, frizzy and straightened hair, with a clean packaging! Yes, most of the packaging for ethnic products are so cheap and ugly, you don’t want to bring them in your bathroom! Thanks PHYTOSPECIFIC to get interest in your consumer tastes!



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The Haute Couture Relaxer @ Univers Phyto, in Paris

A post dedicated to girls with ultra dry curly or freezy hair.

Today I tested the UNIVERS PHYTO‘s institute in Paris. We started yesterday by THE diagnostic. A kind of a hair ultrasound scan on a small screen. Then Lydia comments my diagnostic: an ultra dry hair that needs more care and hydratation not to break. “The good points”: a thick strong hair. But I have to stop using my organic shea butter that greases without feedind my hair. 

Then Lydia relaxes my hair with the PHYTORELAXER, one of the most popular products of the PHOTO SPECIFIC line. Following by a care treatment to feed and smooth the hair. Lydia offers me cakes and orange juice and asks me what’s kind of hairdressing I’d like to do. Truly I didn’t have any idea, cause I don’t like to do my hair. We decided to strench it.

Wow what a shock when I discovered my hair longer, lighter and smoother (like silk) than ever! This first institute experience changed my way to look at my hair. And now I must confess, I look foward to testing the other products of PHYTO SPECIFIC to use at home (be patient, in my next beauty posts!).


UNIVERS PHYTO, Centre de Soins et de Défrisage : 109 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, Tel : 01 45 22 13 14.

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