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Corsica, France: From Bastia To Corte (1)

An Original Way of Traveling

A Mix of TGV & Ferry

When I was offered to travel to Corsica with a TGV with SNCB International and ferry of Corsica Linea, I was very curious to experience this way of traveling! Departure from Brussels from Gare du Midi around 10 a.m. In the comfort of the first class, I quietly watch the landscape scroll.

Arrived in Marseille at 3:50 p.m. The subway is direct (2 or 3 stations) to the ferries of Corsica Linea which is located in a renovated area, with large modern shopping malls in old warehouses. How to wait before boarding the Pascal Paoli ferry at 6 p.m. for Bastia? Do some shopping : I took the opportunity to buy Detox Kusmi Tea (a soulful memory of the Paris fashion weeks years ago, lololol!).

We had dinner in the ferry restaurant. Everything was really fine: the crew was super pro and the night route allows you to reach your destination early. My only con, some travelers: as a woman, I did not feel comfortable crossing the corridors, alone. 

The spectacle of the sunrise when approaching the port of Bastia is absolutely gorgeous! 

From Bastia To Corte

The Old Port of Bastia

At 7 a.m., we land at Bastia. Early fall, the trees start to slightly become orange under a shy sun. After a long break in an outside cafe, we walk in empty picturesque streets leading to the Old Port. The city wakes up slowly. I like the South, its rhythm.


Lunch in Folelli

I fruletti

In the late morning, we leave Bastia for the village of Folleli, where we have lunch at the restaurant I Fulett. Our long table is on a pleasant terrace with enough sun to believe summer is not over. The Mediterranean cuisine with Corsican and Italian influences is delicious. I even took a dessert (my dishes pictured above and below)! 

The Parc Galéa

We take the road towards Taglio Isolaccio to visit the Parc Galéa, where I had a big crush for the cactus gardens (photos above and below). This park allows to discover the natural and cultural heritage of Corsica.Visitors can attend lectures on various topics, or have guided tours and educational workshops. 


Corsican Whisky

Domaine Mavela

Surprise: Corsican whiskey! The Mavela distillery produces spirits and has partnered with the Pietra brewery to produce quality Corsican whiskeys under the name P & M. I do not drink alcohol, but I am always curious about terroirs and know-how. After a tour of the distillery, we tasted different liqueurs (like those of Cédrat Natura and Clémentine Natura) and some whiskeys.

Then we leave for Corte, where we sleep tonight. To be continued…


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


To go to Corsica by Ferry : www.corsicalinea.com, Sales office in Brussels : T. 02/620 06 76, resa.benelux@corsicalinea.com

To go to Marseille by train : www.sncb-international.com. 2 or 3 connections a day by TGV Brussels-France (duration: 5h10). If you buy your TGV tickects online, you can print them at your home, or download them with the SNCB International mobile appli.

CCI de Bastia et de la Haute-Corse : www.ccihc.fr

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Many thanks to the Corsica Linea, SNCB International and CCI de Bastia et de la Haute-Corse, for this beautiful invitation. As always these are opinions.

Laid Back Stopover in Ajaccio, Corsica

When I travel to an island,

I often have in mind the title of Michel Houellebecq’s book, “The Possibility of an Island” that I haven’t read: I only like the way the title sounds. I love the Mediterranean for its particular light, the color of the sky and the sea and its incredible cultural diversity.

From one island to another, there is a strong identity,  different architecture and story. During the Indian summer, I had a short stopover of few hours in AjaccioI wanted to visit the house where Napoleon Bonaparte was born… which unfortunately was closed.

So I went to the semi-deserted beach of Saint François, where the water was super chilly (lol!). But the view of the colorful city of Ajaccio is beautiful and clear water! Even time stretches, it’s already time to leave. Corsica bella. 

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Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés. 

Corsica bella: halte soleil à Ajaccio

J’ai toujours en tête ce titre de Houellebecq,

La possibilité d’une île” que je n’ai pas lu : c’est juste le titre qui me plait. J’aime la Méditerranée pour cette lumière si particulière, la couleur du ciel et de la mer et son incroyable diversité culturelle.

D’une île à l’autre, il y a une identité forte, une architecture, une histoire différentes. Durant l’été indien, j’ai profité de ma courte escale, quelques heures à peine à Ajaccio, pour me rendre à la maison de Napoléon… qui malheureusement était fermée.

Direction la plage semi-déserte de Saint François, où l’eau était un peu glaciale. Mais la vue sur la ville colorée d’Ajaccio est superbe et l’eau transparente! Le temps s’étire, se distend, déjà l’heure de repartir. Corsica bellissima. 

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Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.