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Maison Martin Margiela: Accessories of the Collection Fall-Winter 2010/2011

Back from the immaculate Maison Martin Margiela’s showroom (I confirm everything is white), here a short selection of the accessories of the collection Fall-Winter 2010/2011. Boots like wood, huge old leather clutch, low boots imitation croco, belt like Rolex wristwatch and mirrors breast pocket of men collection. Diversion with humour to forget next winter harshness! Campai!

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Manolo Blahnik: Presentation of the Fall-Winter Collection 2010/2011, at Maria Luisa, Paris

Vertigo dreams! Here my stilettos of the Manolo Blahnik Spring-Summer 2010 collection, in the window of the refine Maria Luisa shop, where took place the Fall-Winter 2010/2011 collection press presentation. Meeting with Jonathan and Kristina Blahnik (picture below), the charming niece of the gorgeous designer put my favourite low boots on of  the next winter collection (I’m jealous). While I was asked to write a note in a book for Manolo, my eyes were swallowed by superb sandals (last picture). I promess myself to come back escorted by the Invisible Man for one pair of shoes only… maybe one more for a dîner and another one, perfect for a party… okay the last one, please!


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Brussels, Belgium: Jean-Paul Knott’s Party, The Fashion Show

Following my first post about the exhibition of the Jean Paul Knott‘s party in his Brussels studio and showroom : here the fashion show. Model’s ecstatic back and forth on the music of VS electro rock. Enjoy few pieces of the women’s collection fall-winter 2010/2011! Furs coming back, with asymmetries, refined lines, high quality fabrics and sense of details. To be continued… next: discover the VS band in live.

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