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My Winter Beauty Routine

Step 1 : Cleansing & Moisturizing

For over a month, I have been testing a new beauty routine, with the French brands Quiriness (sensory and spa-based), Novexpert (cosmetics devlopped with 100% natural ingredients) and Cattier (organic and sustainable). 

My focus for this season is : fighting against cold, dehydration, sagging skin and lack of radiance. Let’s start with cleansing and moisturizing. Morning and evening, I use on my face, neck and décollete: 

1. The Uriage 1st Cleansing Oil. Light, very pleasant and ultra soft for my skin more sensitive and reactive in winter. It foams in contact with water and leaves after rinsing a discreet film that softens the skin.

2. Then I apply the Quiriness Lotion Tonique Exquise (Gold Softening Toning Lotion) with the fingertips in generous quantities. Its velvety watery texture with iridescent reflections offers a great feeling of freshness! And I massage or tap my face, neck and décollete to penetrate the lotion.

3. To end this step, I spray the Novexpert Brume Magnésium (magnesium mist) that I tap, to wake up and activate my skin and blood circulation. This haze is a treat! I do not hesitate to spray again before applying my second serum, day cream or oil. 

Step 2 : Day Serums

No beauty routine without serum, thank you (lol)!

Every morning, I start with the Quiriness Anti-Aging Serum, Elixir Temps Précieux (Perfect Lifting Essence) which contains the superstar ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, but also Microencapsulated Retinol, Peptites, Seaweed, Grape seeds, Cotton oil … Very very nice on the skin: the lovely creamy texture surprised me a little at first, because I got used to watery serums.

To fight against oxidation (especially due to pollution) and have a radiant complexion, I add a pump of the Novexpert Booster à la Vitamine C. This 100% biodegradable serum contains collagen and 25% vitamin C, the daily dose to protect the skin against free radicals (according to Truecos).






Step 3 : Day and Eye Creams

Morning and evening, I apply a pump (for both sides) of Novexpert Contour des Yeux Anti-âge Expert which is really effective! After each application, I’ve noticed that my (slightly darker) dark circles under eyes disappear. The magic happens thanks to nacres that reflect the light. And best of all, the cream moisturizes and nourishes this very fragile area, without irritating my eyes. 

I finish my morning beauty routine with Quiriness Caresse Temps Précieux (Perfect Repair Cream). Dream texture with a very discreet scent: the comforting gesture to start the day! It gives a luminous velvety smooth finish to my skin.








Step 4 : Night Treatment

I do this after the same cleansing and moisturizing step than in the morning.

If I need to remove makeup : before the cleanser, I apply a greasy substance (a vegetable oil of olive or musky rose) that I mass on the neck, face and eyes. Then I remove it with cottons rinsed with hot water and wrung out. Much less aggressive than a micellar water.

In the evening, I deeply moisterize my skin with Novexpert Sérum Booster à l’acide hyaluronique. This serum is the most concentrated hyaluronic acid in Europe. It offers the equivalent of 20 injections of hyaluronic acid (according to Truecos). Its gelled texture is a bit sticky but penetrates very quickly.

I optimise with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+. It become one of my basic. A pot lasts me up to 5-6 months!

Last beauty gesture of my winter routine, I apply an organic vegetable oil by specific massages on the décolleté, neck and face. I change the oils according to their properties.




My Face Body and Hair Must Have

Dear shea butter! Organic, alone or mixed with other products (like organic vegetable oils), multifunction (make-up remover, face and body cream, or moisturizer for super dry hair)! At the moment, the odorless shea butter of  Cattier suits me very well.

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.

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My Skiing Skin Care

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Morning & Night

I oversimplified my beauty routine for skiing (and the city). I wasn’t in a beautysta mood and wanted to travel light too. For several months, I am not siciplined for food, sports and beauty.

And it is regularity that makes difference! Conclusion fewer products and less beauty tests (and less discoveries too), but a more selective vanity box. Don’t worry I feel that with the rise of spring, my beautista will wake up soon …

Let’s start with the make-up removal and cleansing. 1. The Karité Brume Confort of L’Occitane (L’Occitane Comfort Shea Mist) without alchool. I use it all times and especially when I feel my skin skirmish. My first step in the morning to moisturize my skin dried by the heating. 

2. The Uriage Thermal Micellar Water is a very good travel product that softly cleans and removes very well. When I am at home, I use it alternates with oils and milks (I have a very sensitive skin).

3. My favorite: Weleda Refining Toner. This natural cosmetic with witch hazel and rose hip soothes and invigorates the skin. At first as I was afraid of a reaction to the essential oils, I only applied it at night. But I have made no reaction. Excellent product that leaves the skin smooth.

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Serums & Cream

My other favorite is Nuxe Nuxellence – Youth & Radiance Revealing Fluid (2) : my “looks good” face cream with Passiflora flower. When I don’t use it, my complexion is duller. I love the cream texture and very discret perfume. When traveling, I use it morning and night.

I’ve also taken to the ski the Evocure Anti Age EGF Serum and Evocure Eye Care Serum(1) : with “composition of advanced active principles encapsulated in hyaluronic acid allows it to penetrate deeply in the skin to stimulate natural synthesis of collagen and cell repair” (Evocure).

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Forgetting The Beautiful Curls

I have frizzy hair (2). The dry air of mountains can be an ally. But with the helmet (to ski), beanie and heating, I have to attach my hair all the time. And use more super moisturizing care, because they are drier and more brittle than in town.

I complete my hydration with the Nectar d’Huiles Végétales HydraR’Force of Farida b (1).  I alternate with two other creams of the HydraR’Force range (4) : the Crème Fluide Hydratante de Jour (not effective on my hair) and excellent Baume Végétal Nourrissant. I heat its grainy texture in the hands before applying it to the hair.

Photo 3 in my mini bag for skiing: A. I don’t go without applying my star product, the sunblock Uriage Bariésun Stick SPF50+. Hygienic and easy to apply. B. My sunglasses. C. A stick to nourish lips and kleenex. D. My ski pass! E. A mini notebook and pen: who knows if I have a great idea while skiing? (LOL)! And F. A hypster beanie, not so useful under the helmet!

My-Ski-Beauty-Essentials-Cleansers-3-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Fragrances & Nail Polish  

I love fragrances! Fidele to Estée Lauder: I really fell for her Modern Muse Le Rouge (1), based on roses and fruits. I find it both light, fresh, heady, modern and really feminine.

2. Hermès Le Jardin de Monsieur Li : this shower gel has a subtle classy fragrance and leaves the skin very soft! 3. The pleasure of bathing in an outdoor swimming pool in a snowy setting at Le Tremplin Méribel. 4. Some red red: the Hema Long Lasting Rouge.

What are your beauty products for ski holidays? I am very curious, it’s always a pleasure to discover new products, so feel free to leave a comment or sent me an email.

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


My Spring Beauty Routine: Face, Body And Hair

My Spring Beauty Routine-Face-Hair-Body-Nails-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Face Brush And Anti-aging Cosmetics

My Spring Beauty Routine-Face-Hair-Body-Nails-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

It’s spring again, the cherry trees are in bloom! Happy spring! I really want to share with you my routine beauty of spring!

1. For nearly two months I used every other day, before going to bed, brush the famous face of the American brand Clarisonic. I have a very sensitive skin and my dermatologist is against any water washing on face. But I enjoy it in spring and summer, it gives me the feeling of having an ultra clean skin. So I use my brush with very soft bristles, for 60 seconds (there is a timer) after removing makeup. I finished the cleasing step with The Uriage Thermal Water and I apply the Darphin Revitalizing Oil.

2. My daily care. As you know, I’m a hugh fan of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum & Revitalizing Supreme! Besides, this is one of my most read posts! This time I tested the Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Face And Neck and the Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Firming Sculpting Eye CremeTwo very good creams with a really pleasant texture to apply on the skin (a treat): the face cream is slightly pearly and has a SPF15 filter. For the eye zone, very little product is enough. These two cares deeply nourish my skin and give a beautiful complexion. This is exactly what I need in spring … when my skin doesn’t shine like a sardine yet, LOL!

3. I like to combine cosmetics with trips, often to destinations I wish to visit. Recently, I add to my beauty routine the Bioeffect ECF Serum, powerful wrinkle reducer from Iceland that contains no preservative, no fragrance and no dye. I apply it only in the evening, on clean skin for optimal moisturises. Great texture, it quickly penetrates. I will update this post in a few weeks to give you the results of my test. I can not wait to see the effects …

Hair Care And Makeup

My Spring Beauty Routine-Face-Hair-Body-Nails-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Hair, LOL! Could it possible that I’ve finally found the right routine? Abracadabra!

1. For all those with ultra dry curly or frizzy hair (by nature or damaged by chemical treatment), I tested three products in the excellent HyfraR’Force range of the French brand Farida b for nearly two months. My two favorite treatments based on vegetable oils (Ximenia and Amaranth, formulated without paraben), are the Masque Restructurant de Jour (daytime mask) and Masque Revitalisant de Nuit (night mask).

For each mask, I apply the product on wet hair after the Shampoing Restructurant (a gentle shampoo silicone and paraben free). And I leave the mask (sometimes I add oil) as a leave-in conditioner during a day (no more) and then I rinse. Hair is really relaxed, soft and shiny! What a great pleasure!

2. To stimulate the growth of my hair which has suffered this winter (massive breakage of lengths). I take the Oenobiol dietary supplement for fortifying the hair and nails, Capillaire Fortifiant Beauté des cheveux et ongles for over a month. This product contains vegetable cystine (amino acid), B vitamins (including Biotin), copper, zinc and bilberry extract. The treatment lasts three months, with two pills a day.  

3. A silver eyeshadow for evening summer, it’s just WOW! The M.A.C. Mineralize Eye Shadow de M.A.C. has two shades, silver and glittery silver for a glamorous look. My current must have is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil. Great nuance: for the first time, I use a dark brown for my smoky eyes! I also tried the Estée Lauder Little Black Primer. I find it not enough thick as a masacara. I prefer to use it as a base before applying denser mascara, for a longer hold.

Body and Nails

My Spring Beauty Routine-Face-Hair-Body-Nails-3-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

1. yes, I’m addicted to Nail polish, especially in summer! I change colour almost every day! Among my recent discoveries, the excellent Pronails, a Belgian brand. Here is a vibrant red that will make my spring-summer: the No. 345, Detonate Vie!  

2. A “Traveler” format for these nail polish! A mix that I enjoy a lot, fingernails in natural colour (nude, beige or taupe) and bright red feet: Amber Stone (9443) and Ruby Red (2581) of Rituals.

3. Also at Rituals, I really liked the delicious body cleansing foam, Yogi Flow and the Hammam Body Mud (a Rasul scrub), its Eucalyptus strong smell has a tonic effect on my mood! Both products cleanse without stripping, making the skin soft as silk.

And what about you? Let me know your spring beauty routine! What your fav products right now? Give me some ideas for my next tests! 

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés

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