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l’Antichambre in Brussels: Custom Perfumes

You panic

not to find personalized gifts tow days of Christmas, don’t you? Here an exclusive adress in Brussels to keep confidential: l’Antichambre creates custom perfumes!

For this Chrismas, it’s a bit late, but you can choice between perfumes and candles already elaborated in Grasse (French capital of perfumes).

I do like the perfume in a leather-wrapped test tube to put in a bag, really refined! Don’t hesitate to ask Anne Pascale Mathy-Devalck for advice, she is the owner and a former photographer.

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Shop some luxury candles: click on the pictures below for more details (updated May 2015)

Merry Chrismas & a wow 2010!

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Chrismas Trees of Fashion Designers, in Paris 


Claridge’s, London: John Galliano decorates the 2009 Chrismas tree

I do love Chrismas trees. On this draw, the tree imagined by John Galliano, the gifted art director of Christian Dior, adorned with white and blue orchids under a crystal and silver frost, in the art deco hall of the mythic Mayfair hotel, the Claridge’s : “I hope bringing something new to the traditional tree. I want to combine celebration and innovation, the spirit of the house Christian Dior with the beauty of the Claridge’s and create something spectacular to open beautifully the festive season”. For the first time in 112 years, the Claridge’s has worked with a designer to decorate it Chrismas tree. So if you’re in London, you must stop by the Claridge’s!

Claridge’s: Brook Street, Mayfair, London WKHR

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