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Courchevel, France: Outdoors, Art & Chocolate

France-Courchevel-Snowshoe-Walk-Lake-Rosière-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Snowshoeing At The Lake de Rosière

France-Courchevel-Snowshoe-Walk-Lake-Rosière-3-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Stunning Nature

My “real” first snowshoe walk, 2:30 in the powder … We are going through a pine forest, the dream! Beautiful landscape and hike level rather easy.

Especially at the beginning when the path goes down, but on the way back to go up, the steep is harder. I focus on breathing and keep my own pace (without stopping).

We are a group of ten people, including the monitor of Raquette Evasion, with all levels and ages (from 20 to more than 70 years old). And the most enduring aren’t the youngest … as I noticed during my hike to Serra da Estrella.   

What a shock while discovering the shores of the lake! I feel like being in an unreal world and am euphoric. The photos speak for themselves. Enjoy!

France-Courchevel-Snowshoe-Walk-Lake-Rosière-5-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Courchevel-Snowshoe-Walk-Lake-Rosière-6-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K  France-Courchevel-Snowshoe-Walk-Lake-Rosière-7-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Courchevel-Snowshoe-Walk-Lake-Rosière-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Courchevel-Snowshoe-Walk-Lake-Rosière-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

A Lunch At 2732 Meters

France-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-Mountain-Breathtaking-View-Snow-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Breathtaking Views 

I am invited by the White 1921 Courchvel, with my friend Lorène to have a lunch at Le Panoramic. This mountain restaurant is located at 2732 meters, on top of the Saulire … with views of Mont Blanc!

I am captivated by the mountains, slopes and this incredible brightness! I imagine being an eagle flying over the white tops of mountains … As we aren’t really hungry, we choose a very good steamed vegetables. Plus a chocolate ice cream for me (LOL).

I can spend the afternoon in a deck chair in the sun …

France-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-Le-Panoramic-Altitude-Restautant-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-Le-Panoramic-Altitude-Restautant-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-Le-Panoramic-Altitude-Restautant-3-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-Le-Panoramic-Altitude-Restautant-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KFrance-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-Le-Panoramic-Altitude-Restautant-5-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

What To Bring Back Home From Courchevel?

France-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K


Yes, 100% organic chocolates (home)made in Courchevel! With new flavors developed by Florencia Malbrán, owner and chocolatier of Piste Noire. If you are a chocolate lover, you must try! 

Photo montage above : the facade of the White 1921 Courchevel, one of the wolves of the sculptor Orlinski, in the context of the exhibition “Art Over The Mountain Tops“. A tasting box of different chocolates, Piste Noire. And a white carriage for all the (shopping) princesses (LOL!) … 

France-Courchevel-Ski-Resort-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


White 1921 Courchevel, Office du tourisme de Courchevel,  www.les3vallees.com  


Many thanks to the White 1921 Courchevel (and its great team), Tourist Office of Courchevel and 3 Vallées for this beautiful invitation. As always these opinions are my own.

Thessaloniki, Greece: Restaurants and Nightlife


Thessaloniki-Greece-B-Restaurant-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

B. Restaurant

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, you will be delighted in Thessaloniki! Here are some restaurants I’ve tested and much loved during my (too) short stay. Let’s start with B. the restaurant of the Byzantine Museum that I have unfortunately not visited for lack of time.

As soon as I came, I really liked the decoration of the courtyard and the cosy atmosphere (above and below pictures). The dishes prepared by award-winning chef Sotiris Evangelou change with the seasons. Excellent Mediterranean cuisine enhanced by French and Italian elements: tasteful, lightweight and gourmet.

Thessaloniki-Greece-B-Restaurant-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Daios Bar-Restaurant

Thessaloniki -Greece-Hotel-Daios-Luxury-Living-Gastronomic-Restaurant-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Located in Nikis Avenue, this restaurant of the Daios hotel offers a very pleasant view to the blue Mediterranean sea. Close to the famous Proxenou Koromila street (shopping area), the place is chic and casual.

The beautifully presented dishes are delicious (below pictures), inspired by a combination of modern Greek cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine. Excellent! I took the opportunity to visit one of the suites on the top floor with stunning sea views (yes the sea, always the sea!).

Thessaloniki -Greece-Hotel-Daios-Luxury-Living-Gastronomic-Restaurant-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Navona Restaurant

Thessaloniki-Greece-Navona-Restaurant-@Makedonia-Palace-Hotel-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Interesting decor, I liked the circular bar and wall panels (above and below pictures). I had a very good dinner, we laughed a lot! The Navona is one of the Makedonia Palace restaurants, located on the waterfront.

Italian cuisine and friendliness: in my plate, a succulent grilled chicken with a very good pizza. Go there with friends or family. Unpretentious atmosphere. 

Thessaloniki-Greece-Navona-Restaurant-@Makedonia-Palace-Hotel-2A-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Ouzou Melathron

Thessaloniki-Greece-Ouzou Melathron-Traditional-Food-Restaurant-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The Ouzou Melathron is a classic in Thessaloniki, nestled in a quiet pedestrian street with empty bird cages hanging in the air. To discover traditional Greek cuisine in a Greek ambiance! The night I was there, Cretan customers danced the Sirtaki.

On the principle of meze, I’ve tasted many different dishes all very good (and a little greasy). Meatballs, salads with feta cheese and fresh vegetables, potatoes baked with lemon and olive oil … A treat!

Thessalonique by night

Thessaloniki-Greece-Bars-Nightlife-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Thessaloniki is a student city, full of bars and terraces where to go out at night. The best is yet to have a walk and choose a bar according to the inspiration of the moment. Go with the flow and enjoy!  

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés


Visit Greece, Thessaloniki Hotels Association & Ryanair

From Ryanair flies to Thessaloniki and ten other destinations in Greece including Athens and Santorini.


Many thanks for this beautiful invitation to Visit Greece, Thessaloniki Hotels Association and Ryanair. As always these are my opinions.

Chocolate break for Easter / Joyeuses Pâques chocolatées!

You do love chocolate,

great I’m a choco addict too ! Here an exclusive address: the really cute “green forest wallpaper” shop of Patrick Roger, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (the Best Worker of France) in 2000.

This globetrotter chocolate maker always discovers chocolates from everywhere around the world: Ghana, Colombia, Indonesia, Tanzania or Papouasie… And my best ones are the chocolate bars from Venezuela and Cuba. Hey keep the secret! Promess!

Vous adorez le chocolat,

moi aussi suis accro! Voici L’adresse d’un futur incontournable. Délicieuse boutique, écrin papier peint d’un sous-bois très vert rafraîchissant, à l’entêtante et chavirante odeur, du maître es Chocolat Patrick Roger.

Consacré Meilleur Ouvrier de France en 2000, ce jeune chocolatier globetrotter recherche des chocolats d’un peu partout dans le monde : Ghana, Colombie, Indonésie, Tanzanie ou Papouasie… Et moi je ne jure que par les tablettes au chocolat du Venezuela et Cuba. Gardez le secret! Promis!

45 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75016 Paris, www.patrickroger.com 

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