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Bangkok, Thailand: Siam Paragon & Siam Center


In the subway, the friendly screen reminds you where to spend your money. Maybe at the gigantic legandary Siam Paragon with the famous aquarium. Malls culture! I was really impressed by the food department with the hugh incredible delicatessen for gourmets, where you can find e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Of course for fashion, there are the same serie of international luxury brands (you can finally find everywhere), but here in colossal shops, missing privacy feeling for buying. Nothing new to discover and I get bored. Facing the Siam paragon, crossing a big plaza: the Siam Center. A great decoration with beautiful graphic designs! Very trendy. About fashion, nothing particular in the streetwear selection for teens and “young adults”.

Dans le métro, l’écran, ce nouvel ami, vous rappelle où dépenser votre argent. Pourquoi pas au légendaire et gigantesque Siam Paragon avec son aquarium géant. Ze centre commercial! Vrai que l’étage gourmet est assez impressionnant, avec cette immense épicerie fine, où l’on peut trouver absolument de tout. Côté mode, on retrouve les mêmes marques internationales de luxe (que partout, folle originalité), mais dans des boutiques aux dimensions pharaoniques manquant totalement de cette intimité qui incite à l’achat. Rien de nouveau, je m‘ennuie. En face, le Siam Center où la décoration très urbaine est simplement top! Ca tranche avec l’uniformité pauvre des autres malls. Concernant la sélection mode: un streetwear pour ados et “jeunes adultes” sans surprise.


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Bangkok, Thailand: Gaysorn, the luxury shopping


Following my post about malls shopping in Bangkok, here my Darling Gaysorn,the subtle luxury, with a really hype minimalist all-white interior. In the big main hall, I’ve discovered an interesting exhibition about the best Thai fashion designers and some contemporay artists sculptures for perfumes. I’ve lost my notes with their names and I want apology to the artists. For shopping: usual international luxury brands. And some great fashion, home design and beauty shops with local top brands too. And I really like the refined merchandising.

Pour compléter mon post sur le shopping dans les malls à Bangkok: mon chouchou, le Gaysorn, le luxueux subtile, à l’intérieur blanc immaculé, moderne minimaliste. Dans le hall principal, j’ai découvert une exposition sur le meilleur des créateurs thaïlandais, ainsi que des sculptures pour parfums d’artistes contemporains. J’ai perdu mes notes avec leur nom, toutes mes escuses aux artistes. Pour le shopping: toujours les mêmes marques internationales de luxe, mais aussi des boutiques multimarques de mode, décoration et beauté, présentant le top des marques locales. J’ai aussi beaucoup aimé la manière dont les produits sont présentés. 




Bangkok, Thailand: Shopping in Malls


Truly I hate shopping especially in malls! But let’s try sales in the Bangkok oversized malls. The sexy mall culture! The area has been totally different since my first stay in Bangkok, ages ago! I’ve fogot the skyway: really useful to go to each malls and having a great view to the traffic jam. And the street hustle and bustle: I really enjoy. Follow-me!


Let’s start with Central (station: BTS Chitlom), the oldest. A short of Macy’s. Middle range. With cheap merchandising, like at the accessoires level: a messy mix of low-quality bags and shoes and luxury brands. At the beauty level: refined organic brands “made in Thailand” . There is also a really nice délicatessen. 


Second stop: Gaysorn, the subtle luxury, my darling. All white interior. Presenting very interesting exhibitions of Thai Fashion Designers. Of course there are the shops of the international luxury brands and some concept stores with refined merchandising and selection items in fashion, and design and beauty brands.


strong>Erawan: luxury, less refined than Gaysorn. Pictures below: at the corner of the Erawan street, there is a little temple (big as a merry-go-round), where people pray.


The massive imposing Central World: with many different department stores like “Zen”. Between middle range and low-quality. Nothing great or unexpected: no creativity. Definitely for me. Next!


Wow still on your way? By walk during one day and night (shops close late 10-11 pm): Congrats! At Siam Center (picture above): great great decoration! About the teenagers sreetwear brands selection, nothing particular! Facing the Siam Center, the legendary Siam Paragon (Station BTS Siam) : a huge mall with a famous aquarium I didn‘t have time to visit. Colossal surfaces of luxury shops (still the same international brands, it starts becoming boring). And the most impressive level is the food center, with the so massive delicatessen where you can simply find e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.