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Make-up: My Spring 2014 Routine

Make-up Routine-MAC-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

I’m not crazy of make-up, but I’m changing ; )

As in fashion, I like the Less Is More attitude with a passion for nude, lipsticks and smoky eyes! And thanks to the M.A.C. Antonio Lopez collection, I discovered I liked the pink blush, yes, me! A HAPPINESS product that instantly illuminates the face and gives you good looks! This is my number one product of the first three months of 2014. And the packaging is awesome too! I add to set makeup or refresh the face, the incredible Eau de Beauté of Caudalie I don’t get tired!

Make-up Routine-Clinique-Kiehls-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

My good mood must have for day and night, I’m a huge fan!

My sister was the first to talk to me about the Clinic Chubby Sticks. I immediately liked the texture of those large crayons, which is more lightweight and comfortable than traditional lipsticks and silkier and less sticky than gloss. And I also liked the greedy colors: 14 Curvy Candy (1.) I apply before or after 11 Two Ton Tomato (2.), to give a more iridescent hue or bright red. I rarely put the one without the other and in any case, I always start with the Kiehl’s Lip Balm # 1 (3.) to nourish and soften my lips. 

Make-up Routine-Tom Ford-Make-up For Ever-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Awesome duo for an ultra glam result! 

Ah! Tom, yes Tom Ford, with your Diva packaging, you are fast becoming the must have of my parties! A “Lip Color lipstick” RED RED, 10 Cherry Lush (1.): Femininity, elegance … with a touch of je ne sais quoi: Lab Shine, the “glittery” gloss of Make Up For Ever that I apply after the 10 Cherry Lush. And I don’t care if it’s the trend or not!

Make-up Routine-L-Oreal-Bobbi Brown-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Far-far from pro make-up artists!

L’Intensifying Long Wear Mascara de Bobbi Brown (1.) lengthens lashes one by one, while giving a very natural look. It is also very (too) strong to remove! Daytime I prefer the slightly iridescent brown of L’Oréal Paris Color Appeal Trio Pro (2.). Occasionally a line of eyeliner to highlight the lashes with the Super Liner Perfect Slim of L’Oréal Paris (3.). It’s a kind of  fine-tipped paintbrush, very easy to apply which makes me forget the black pencil! This winter I finally used the Bronzing Powder Golden Light 1 of Bobby Brown (4.) in very very light way (before applying my M.A.C. pink blush). Picture below, the Estée Lauder Cyber Lilac eyeshadow I mostly use to make great smocky eyes. Lovely object that I slip in my makeup kit with pleasure.

What are your essential makeup this spring? Do you know some amazing products to fix makeup without shining like a sardine when it’s hot? For comments is below, by email click HERE : )

Make-up Routine-Estée Lauder-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.  

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Maquillage: ma routine du printemps 2014

Make-up Routine-MAC-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Je ne suis pas une folle de maquillage, mais je me soigne ; )

Et comme en mode, je suis une fervente adepte du Less Is More! Avec une passion pour le nude, les rouges à lèvres et les smoky eyes! Et cette année, grâce à la collection M.A.C. Antonio Lopez, j’ai découvert que j’aimais le blush rosé oui, moi! Un produit BONHEUR qui donne instantanément bonne mine et éclaire le visage d’une touche juvénile! Mon produit ce premier semestre de l’année, sans compter le packaging qui est TOP! J’ajoute, pour fixer le maquillage ou rafraîchir son visage : l’Eau de beauté de Caudalie, dont je ne me lasse pas!

Make-up Routine-Clinique-Kiehls-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Mes inséparables bonne humeur de jour comme de nuit, j’en suis fane!

C’est ma soeur qui m’a fait connaître en premier les Clinique Chubby Sticks. J’ai tout de suite aimé la texture de ces gros crayons : plus légère et agréable qu’un rouge à lèvres classique et plus satinée et moins collante qu’un gloss. Et les couleurs qu’on mange des yeux : 14 Curvy Candy (1.) que j’applique avant, ou après le 11 Two Ton Tomato (2.), pour donner une teinte au choix plus irisée, ou plus rouge vif. Je mets rarement l’un sans l’autre et dans tous les cas, je commence toujours par le Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 (3.) pour nourrir et assouplir mes lèvres.

Make-up Routine-Tom Ford-Make-up For Ever-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Un superbe duo, l’un ne va pas sans l’autre, pour un résultat ultra glam! 

Ah! Tom, oui Tom Ford, avec ton packaging de diva, tu es vite devenu le MUST HAVE de mes soirées! Un “Lip Color rouge à lèvres” ROUGE ROUGE, le 10 Cherry Lush (1.) : la féminité, l’élégance… avec un zest de je-ne-sais-quoi :  le gloss “pailleté” Lab Shine de Make Up For Ever que j’applique en finish. Et si l’ultra brillant n’est plus tendance, je me fous complet de la tendance!

Make-up Routine-L-Oreal-Bobbi Brown-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Loin-loin d’être une pro

L’Intensifying Long Wear Mascara de Bobbi Brown (1.) allonge les cils un à un, tout en donnant un rendu très naturel. Il est aussi très (trop) résistant : pour démaquillage, il faut s’y reprendre à plusieurs fois. En journée, je préfère les bruns légèrement irisés de cette vieille mini palette de fards à paupières L’Oréal Paris Color Appeal Trio Pro (2.). De temps en temps un trait d’eye liner pour surligner les cils, avec le Super Liner Perfect Slim de l’Oréal Paris (3.) : une sorte de pinceau à pointe fine, très facile à appliquer qui me fait oublier le crayon noir! Cet hiver, j’ai enfin utilisé la Bronzing Powder Golden Light 1 de Bobby Brown (4.), en touche très très légère avant d’appliquer mon killer blush rosé (M.A.C.). Ci dessous, le fard à paupières Cyber Lilac d’Estée Lauder que j’utilise surtout le soir, pour faire de superbes smoky eyes. Bel objet que je glisse avec plaisir dans ma trousse à maquillage.

Et vous, quels sont vos incontournables maquillage pour ce printemps? Avez vous un truc (produit incroyable) pour fixer le maquillage des peaux mixtes, sans luire comme une sardine quand il fait chaud? Pour les comments, c’est ci-dessous, par emails, c’est ICI : )

Make-up Routine-Estée Lauder-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.  

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Caudalie: the new Vinexpert anti-aging regimen

All those who have followed this blog

for a while know how much I love Caudalie products! For nearly 3 months, I’ve tested the new Vinexpert regimen (new products formulation and packaging). And this test reinforces in my opinion : Caudalie is great! I really appreciate these products don’t contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils and sodium laureth sulfate. And of course the concept of Vinotherapie.

I tested first the Vinexpert anti-aging regimen two years ago. My skin was in bad shape and received an electric shock. As dehydrated and dull, after few months using the Vinexpert products, my skin turned toned and radiant.

At the time I really liked the Night Infusion Cream. So Iabsolutely wanted to discover and test the new formulation with Resveratrol-Oleyl vine (do not panic!) “New generation” that “stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and stops at the source glycation , responsible for wrinkles“(Caudalie).

Honestly I don’t think we can avoid wrinkles by using serum or cream, just delay or improve them … more or less long term (lol)! In fact I am interested in the Vinexpert serums (picture 1) for their tensor effect (all yo-yo girls can understand me). Among my favorites, the Vinexpert Firming Serum is very fluid and contains Peptides, Argan proteins & Resveratrol-Oleyl. I apply it morning and evening, following the gestures described in the product packaging. This short facial gym twice a day amplifies the tensor effect of the product. It’s very fast and gestures easy to remember.

And a more or less similar gesture is assigned to each product. My very sensitive eyes tolerated very well the Eye & Lip Serum. I used it more as a super moisturizing than a puffiness lifting serum (as mentioned on the packaging).

My thunderbolt product of this new Vinexpert  line

is the Vinexpert Radiance Day Fluid SPF15 (picture above). This product contains Hyaluronic acid and Resveratrol-Oleyl is fantastic! A really nice texture, slightly tinted with matte finish on the skin. A dream for combination skin! The skin is soft and comfortable (understand hydrated).

From the first application and without makeup: people asked me if I was coming back from vacation so I look good! The complexion is radiant and the skin looks healthy and unified and slightly brilliant. Excellent fluid, inspired BB creams it seems to me. Caudalie should consider a version with a sunblock protection for countries with strong sunshine. It would avoid to add a layer of sunblock for the combination skins!

In the evening, I apply the Night Infusion Cream (picture 2) which calms, soothes and nourishes my skin. Well during this long and harsh winter, the coldest days I replaced the Broad Spectrum SPF15 Radiance Day Fluid by this ultra nourishing cream with Shea. In conclusion, this anti-aging Vinexpert regiment has a real effect on my skin. These cosmetics have a discret pleasant smell and a lovely light packaging convenient and feminine! All femal globetrotters will appreciate …  

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