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My Routine For Dry Hair: Scrub, Shampoo and Care


The Scrub and Shampoo

Recently, I tested the Matrix Biolage ScalpSync exfoliating treatment (1). As I often use hair care and oils, I want to clean my scalp without stripping once every 2-3 weeks, to let it breathe.

The product is like a traditional body scrub. You have to apply it before the shampoo, with light massage on the moistened scalp. In fact, I take time to perfectly rinse my hair and scalp before applying the exfoliant, because the day before I often make an oil bath.

Then I use the Repairing Shampoo 2 in 1 ACTIREPAIR of Activilong with avocado and organic olive oils (paraben free and silicone free (2), it makes more foam than usual. Proof that the exfoliant took away all product residue in the hair? I think so. This shampoo is very soft and creamy, so pleasant to apply!

The Excellent Care

I don’t use conditioner, I prefer masks for deep care. I leave the mask to damp hair as a leave-in conditioner for one or more days. My SUPER powerfull mask that dramatically softens my curls, Smooth Infusion – Smoothing Masque of Aveda (3). This product is fantastic!

This mask has a very strong smell like aromatherapy. Great! I add a few drops of: the Dry Remedy Oil of Aveda, or Repairing Oil “Fantastic Oil” ACTIREPAIR of Activilong. And I make Bantu Knocks. The result has an incredible flexibility and lasts up to 5 days, without adding product.

My other favorite is Dry Remedy Masque Hydratant of Aveda (4), when my hair is really thirsty. I don’t use as a leave-in conditioner. I keep it a few hours, sometimes overnight and I rinse and apply a styling product with a few drops of oil.

The Super Styling

Super effective on very dry, damaged and curly hair, the Repair & Styling Cream ACTIREPAIR of Activilong feeds and gives gloss to the hair (5). As it is very rich, very little product is enough. I prefer applying it to damp hair. Because I almost never use blow dryer to dry my hair.

Another option when I want to smooth out naturally, I apply to damp hair the Smooth Infusion style-prep smoother of Aveda (6). I comb the hair in a bun and let it air dry.

Do you know these products? I’m curious to know what do you think about them and how you use them for a better result? And what are your favorite products for dry, very dry, frizzy or damaged hair?

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My Summer Beauty Routine: Scrubs and Balm

One of the most important care, when you stay at the seaside: the scrub to prepare the skin and keep a nice tan long. I kept my two favorite scrubs I discovered aerlier this year. For the face : the Masque-gommage Réconfortant “Rose blanche” (the “White Rose” comforting face mask and exfoliator) of Doux Me, for fragile and sensitized skins. It’s bio: Doux Me cosmetics are among the few bio cosmetics that do not cause me allergies or reactions. And I love their textute! I prefer appling my scrub at night, to avoid problems with the sun. For the body: a touch of argan and Essaouira, with the Gommage soyeux au savon noir (the silky Black Soap Scrub) of Galénic. It’s not organic, but it makes the skinin credibly soft! I like slightly minty smell and texture like a jelly, a real treat! The super natural alternative (and extra light for the vanity case) dedicated to the beach babes: do a light body scrub with the sand, before plunging into the sea. To complete my body scrub: I apply the Haki balm with essential oils, on my feet. I use it only at night: as I don’t know its exact composition, I fear it might be photo-sensitizer (because of essential oils). This balm soothes, nourishes and softens the feet driest and the most stressed. Essential to have”happy” pretty feet (yes!) in flip flops and extra-flat sandals. 

Click on the pictures below to discover the rest of my summer routine beauty:


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Pañpuri: Hand Cream Boxes

Sawaidee Kha! Few years ago, I’ve discovered  Pañpuri in Gaysorn , a luxury mall in Bangkok. This high end brand from Bangkok elaborates organic skin care and body treatment, presented in beautiful packaging. I really do enjoy associating beauty creams with my travels. The chic useful Pañpuri hand cream boxes (picture above), include 3 tubes of cream of 25 ml. There are three different boxes: Rose Absolute Hand Cashmire Cream (with Rose Absolute, Rose Water, Olive, Trehalose), Solitude Luminous Hand & Nail Cream (Marula Oil, Star Fruit, Tamarind) and Come Clean Anti-oxydant Reparative  Hand and Nail Cream (Jasmine, Pomegrenate, Portulaca, Wild Thai Honey). I’ve tested the last one : its light texture, between balm and cream melts  instantly on the skin, gently nourrishing and smoothing it, with a Jasmine perfume.

Sold 27 Euros, those boxes are some lovely gift ideas for the festive season. Yes, already the festive season! All the more so it is for a good cause! Pañpuri participes to international aid fot Thailand and have organized the aid effort, «Helping Hands For Thailand» to help the victims of the floods in Thailand. For any purchase of product including a hand cream @ www.panpuri.fr : in November (2011), 10% of the total amount of the purchase will be donated to the Thai Red Cross. Kop khun kha!

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