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New York: Manhattan by Night

Woody Allen represents Manhattan for me. Did you know his cobbler? Starting here in Midtown, one of my NY walks : on Broadway, taking some perpendiculars, from Carnegie Hall to Times Square. In front of Studio 54, daydreaming about the eighties. Passing the fire-station and after many endless blocks: a Pretzel in Times Square! Then going back to Central Park. At night everything is more gorgeous.

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New York: Matthan, la nuit

Qui mieux que Woody Allen incarne Manhattan ? Vous connaissiez son cordonnier ? Point de départ d’une de mes ballades new yorkaises dans Midtown : sur Broadway, prendre ses tangentes, en partant de Carnegie Hall vers Times Square. Rêver eighties face au mythique Studio 54, passer devant la caserne des pompiers, après X blocs interminables : un Pretzel sur Times Square ! Puis retour vers Central Park… La nuit tout est plus beau. Enjoy !

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