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Germany: Wellness and Spa in The Black Forest

Germany-Baden-Wutemberg-Bergfried-Wellness-Hotel-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Perfect Massage at The Erfurths Bergfried

I discovered this small cozy boutique hotel during a long weekend in Bade-Wurttemberg (where is the famous Black Forest, picture 2). The smiling welcome in the beauty area (and throughout the hotel) is really pleasant and makes you feel at home. The setting is modern, with Babor, the German high end cosmetics. I am intrigued by the Herbal Stamp Massage..

Lying on my stomach, the massage begins with the application of one hot herbal stamp on the right foot (picture above, on the top right). Alternating hot herbal stamps and manual massages (with warm oil), Clea, my therapist releases the body tensions. Her movements are firm and soft and the whole body is treated.

The feeling of warmth spreads on the meridians which is extremely relaxing. I doze, the massage lasts 50 minutes plus 5 minutes of rest at the end of massage. Followed by tea at the reception, where I found my girlfriends (lol). I would liked to know what herbs and oils were used … Excellent massage lavished by expert hands, you have to try it! Thank you Clea! 

Germany-Baden-Wutemberg-Black Forest-Bergfried-Wellness-Hotel-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Photomontage above: the attic suite 302 in which I slept, is really nice and comfy. Large and bright, spotless bedding and bathroom, with a large dressing room, nice view (photo below) and gifts (Babor products offered). 

Germany-Baden-Wutemberg-Bergfried-Wellness-Hotel-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The service is efficient, smiling and discreet. The food is simple and good (photo montage below): delicious breakfast. The wellness area is small but offers an outdoor foot spa (a trail with different grounds). I especially enjoyed the steam room, my skin and hair were thrilled! LOL!

Germany-Baden-Wutemberg-Black Forest-Bergfried-Wellness-Hotel-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Nice Spa in The Wadhotel Grüener Baum

Germany-Baden-Wutemberg-Wadhotel-Gruener-Baum-Wellness-Spa-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

This small hotel offers a friendly modern spa with a salt room and two saunas, including one at 65 degrees. A spa route is suggested on a poster written in German only! An English version would be welcome (last picture). The spa area and the indoor pool open onto a beautiful garden. The setting is bucolic like in a country house.

I swim overlooking the flower Japanese cherry trees (Photos 1 and 3). Particularly invigorating early morning: a real treat! Then I spent a long time in the jacuzzi. And I also tested a facial massage for 20 minutes in the beauty salon (with Comfort Zone products). 

I really liked the modern amenities of the spa and the indoor pool, the garden and the beautiful surrounding countryside. But I found the hotel room not my taste: a single bed, furniture and decor. 

Germany-Baden-Wutemberg-Wadhotel-Gruener-Baum-Wellness-Spa-4-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KGermany-Baden-Wutemberg-Wadhotel-Gruener-Baum-Wellness-Spa-3-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le KGermany-Baden-Wutemberg-Wadhotel-Gruener-Baum-Wellness-Spa-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Swimming opposite the hills of the Black Forest in the Elztalhotel

Germany-Baden-Wurttemberg-Black Forest-Elztal-Hotel-2-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

The view from the Elztalhotel is relaxing: beautiful panorama with green hills covered with trees. The 25 meters long outdoor swimming pool overlooks a peaceful natural setting (above photo). The hotel is surrounded by nature. To swim and enjoy the outdoors. 

The 6000 m2 wellness area, in textile-free part, offers various “saunas of the world”. Photomontage below: rustic cottage and chair in the nudist part of the spa. And some decorative elements of the hotel: sofa in my room and dolls in the buffet room.

Germany-Baden-Wurttemberg-Black Forest-Elztal-Hotel-1-Photo ©Mademoiselle Le K

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés  


Wellness Stars, The German National Tourist Board, the hotels : Erfurths BergfriedWadhotel Grüener Baum & Elztalhotel


Many thanks to the Wellness Stars and The German National Tourist Board for the invitation and the Erfurths Bergfried’s team too. As alwyas these are my opinions.