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Dubai For 48h: Dubai Creek, On My Way to Dubai Heritage Village

From the Deira Gold Souq, I’ve walked along the Deira Creeks (pictures 1 & 2), then jumped in a taxi boat (pictures 3, 5 & 6) to the vicinity of Dubai Heritage Village (picture 4), where I stopped and chilled at the terrace of a cafe full of people with a view of one of the banks. The fresh orange juice is delicious. The walk from the Deira Gold Souk is long, forget your flip-flops for an old pair of sneakers (especially if like me, you get to lose the way!). But the Deira district offers a  relaxing part of Dubai, so far away from the ultra-modern buildings of Downtown. To recommend to anyone looking for a break of the madness of malls, shopping and resorts.

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Dubai For 48 Hours: Around The Deira Gold Souk 



Marseille in 5 Hours: The Islands & Le Panier

Last stopover: 5 hours in Marseille 

(South of France), well let’s say 3h-3h30 in the city of Marseille. After visiting the Chateau d’If, we took the wrong shuttle: instead of returning to the vieux port (the old harbor), we discovered other small islands off the coast of Marseille. Beautiful landscapes (pictures 1, 2 & 3), a picturesque marina cove, the feeling of being so far away, the slowness.

Back to the Vieux Port (picture 4, the old harbour), I head to Le Panier, a famous heritage district in the old Marseille (picture 5). Getting lost in the quiet streets, which many are under construction. I’d love to make a full turn before lounging on the terrace of a cafe, but  we must return to the path of the ferry. Tram, bus and 15-20 minutes walk to the dock! Definitely too long and not really glam (lol)!

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.   

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