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VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out: Marni in Paris etc…



Tribute to serial shoppers: here the exclusive designs of Marni’s bags and doll for the VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out. Next September 10, the international editions of VOGUE are partnering with designers, to create you an evening of an extravaganza shopping (thanks to recession) around the world: in Paris, New York, London, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Athens, New Delhi, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Taiwan. For example: the VOGUE Paris will organise events in the gorgeous avenue Montaigne, rue François 1er and avenue Georges V. Maybe you’ll have a chat with Carine Roitfeld about the ultimate trends. Or discover the exhibition of Jil Sander’s photos published in VOGUE for 30 years, in Jil Sander‘s shop. Then enjoy a cocktail at Diane von Furstenberg’s and continue at… What night!

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B & D Circus at Saks Fifth Avenue, for the VOGUE Fashion Night Out 



Paris / Beijing by Starck: The Cristal Room Baccarat & The Lan

Here are two different restaurants

from Philippe Starcks universe. The first one is Parisian and accessorizes tradition with refinement in a very beautiful space: the Cristal Room Baccarat. And the other one is recent and Beijiner: the Lan, a baroque delirium of three thousand meters by square, where the best is mixed with the worst of the designer. By the worst, I mean, something already seen: Starck’s best sellers of his previous designs and constructions. I’ve still enjoyed his space’s dramatization. Always dramatic.

Cristal Room Baccarat 

Girls diner in the small room with the famous black chandelier. After the fun surprise of the giant chair in the big hall, near the huge stairs leading to the restaurant, you’ll notice those heavy imposing chandeliers. A vertigo of chandeliers and beautiful restroom.


Discovered when I interviewed Caroline Deleus, the fashion designer and owner of Mushi. Mongolian fanciful yurts, as private spaces, finest nomadic luxury. Restroom, big mirrors cubes, atmospheric red.

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Voici deux restaurants à la fois différents et issus d’un même univers, celui de Philippe Starck. L’un est parisien et accessoirise la tradition tout en raffinement dans un espace assez confiné qui tire énormément de son cachet par la très … Continue reading