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Interior Decoration: How To Refresh A Bedroom

Home-Décoration-Interiors-1A-Photo © Mademoiselle Le K

Do you need to renew your interior?

With spring, you get the urge for a more clear and ventilated space. More than ever my motto remains “Less is more“. Here are some simple tips to refresh a bedroom, without transforming your home in a construction site. 

We begin by changing the position of the bed (yes you can move it!). Test the new direction one night, to check if you sleep as well as before. No need to change the direction, if it gives you nightmares! Lol! Photo 1: bed covered with a Brazilian macramé bedspread.

Then we empty “everything”. For example, if you have any pictures on the walls. Take them off the walls to see how it looks without, or placing them otherwise (on the floor for the large frames like in an art gallery). Or by changing them with new frames, photos, paintings … Photo 3 and the last photo of this post: the stunning drawing in Indian ink of the artist Moira Marcantei.

Do the same for the furniture and ornaments, keep only the necessary. Ideally, it should not be electronic, television and plant in a bedroom. Without falling into the ultra minimalism, when traveling, shop things useful for your home. Photo 5: on a wall, a Greek key ring against the evil eye and a leather label for a suitcase. On the last picture: African bowls for storing makeup.

Last advice, change the sheets, curtains (especially if they are dark and thick) and / or lamps. Choose light colors, light fabrics or patterns in relation to your new room. Like your clothes in your wardrobe: store and use your linens according to the seasons. Photo 2: short bathrobe for summer and white bath towel. Photo: 2, 4 and 6: play with fabrics. Here are an embroidered flower bedspread with a Brazilian macramé bedspread.

If you want a personalized decoration advice, or to order an Indian ink drawing of Moira Mancantei, click HERE. And do not forget to subscribe to my Pinterest (several decoration boards).

Home-Décoration-Interiors-Peinture de Moira Marcantei-Photo © Mademoiselle Le K

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés. Any reproduction of the art works of the artist Moira Marcantei is strictly prohibited.  

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