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The Lancaster Hotel, Paris: Visiting the Marlene Dietrich Suite with Valentino Piazzi, the Manager of the Lancaster

Perfection doesn’t exist, but the excellence to make well, and to like what we make: yes.” Valentino Piazzi opens the door of the Marlene Dietrich suite, while we can hear the “Lili Marlene” song. Awsome! Beteween 1936 and 1939, the famous actress and singer lived there. If the suite was recently renewed, the grand piano, the furniture, the parquet, the lamps, the photos are of origin. Built in 1889, the Lancaster has this undefinable charm of the ancient luxury hotels. We feel like “at home“. For the general manager of the Lancaster who has a long experience of luxury hotels (the Ritz in Paris, the Savoy in London and the Raffles in Singapour): “It’s always pleasure to work in luxury hotels. There is a nostalgic side. The intensity of the experience which makes the difference. The place, the way you organize work“. I notice the “serenity  button” which replaces in all the rooms the inelegant “Do not disturb” hung on in doors of hotels. “I ask to the staff to be thoughtful, but not invading. The hotel must be warm, with a home feeling. If you look for something different: the lancaster is atypical, it is a hotel with a supplement of soul“.

Thanks to Valentino Piazzi.


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